Part 4 – The Wedding Dinner

To start off this post, I shall put up a picture of me looking coy and demure 😛

rinaz looking coy and demure and shy

Saturday, 20th December 2008

The day started with a buzz. Even though I spent most my time in my room, I could hear all the excitement going on. With the people helping out with the cooking and the setting up of the décor, I was fretting over everything – will everything be al right?

And not before too long, it was my turn to be busy with the arrival of Kak Lili, my new Mak Andam who was replacing the original make up artist.

Her arrival was exactly like how a royalty’s helper would arrive. She came in with her little assistant and was gentle, calm, friendly and she immediately put me at ease. Suddenly I felt like a permaisuri aided with my dayang. For some reason, I felt as if I was on television because it was so unreal to me.

And we started with my makeover. The style of make-up is thick and a tad dramatic but apparently, good for photography.

And all throughout, Kak Lili was generous with her beauty tips, such as dabbing iced water on your face prior to make up, reduces oil and shine.

We needed to start doing the makeover to fulfil the quota of 10 outfits over the two days. Its an overkill, I know, but it made mum happy.

By this time, DK came over to help set up wireless connection.

I wanted to share the wedding with my friends all over and I was keen to do a livestreaming of the wedding. So time ago, while I was at a Tech65 recording, I casually asked if it were possible to do a wireless connection on the void deck. We had an interesting discussion over it but little did I know that DK would actually come and help out. I was really really touched.

Network cable at rinaz wedding
Can you see the cable?

DK took the initiative and bought a very long network cable and from my room on the 9th floor, he plugged one end in my cable and like Rapunzel’s hair, threw the other end to the ground floor.

Network cable at rinaz wedding
The handsome and macho DK

And it actually worked! It was amazing. We had wifi! Thank you so much DK! You rock!

By late afternoon, I had a short break from all the makeover. Kak Lili took off all my make up and I headed downstairs for a meal and also to see how things were going on.

Relatives helping out in rinaz and cart wedding

I really feel touched to see so many relatives and friends gotong-royong and helping out. A wedding is a lot of work and our family prefers to do most of the preparations ourselves, like the cooking. The groom himself was busy setting up the tables and chairs.

The entire void deck looked transformed – before it looked like this :

Void deck at HDB block, Singapore

And this was after :

Cupcakes at in rinaz and cart wedding

The place was not completely ready but it was a big transformation for me nevertheless.

I saw Izah arranging the Cart and Rinaz cupcakes! Cute! Initially, I was supposed to be Izah’s photographer for her blog. Geri kept telling me of how tasty her cakes were and I was intrigued

But the cupcakes was such a last minute idea but the more I thought about it, the more I liked it and I thought that Izah would be perfect. I was lucky that she agreed to the project

Too bad that I did not have a chance to chat a while longer with Izah, but it was time for me to get ready for the dinner reception. Kak Lili was already ready upstairs with two pairs of white dresses.

Kak Lili : This one or that one?

Me : That one! And I want to wear a tiara! The bigger the better! And I will carry that bouquet!

Kak Lili : Ok, ok. Anything to make the queen happy 😛

And then it was time for Cart and I to get down for our dinner reception. By then Cart was already dressed up and looking really smart in his outfit. Kak Lili just did a final touch and slipped a matching flower on his jacket pocket.

When we arrived, there were so many people downstairs already. I saw so many faces of friends, family and relatives. It was so happy-fying to see all of them together, you cant imagine.

There were so many things going on like loads of people wanting to wish their congratulations. There was even a queue for it! It made me extremely amused.

rinaz and cart wedding

livestreaming at rinaz and cart wedding

Here Nicole was holding on to the laptop that was used for the livestreaming.

And then it was time to change into another outfit. My Bollywood Princess outfit. I love it! It was just too bad that I did not get a chance to wear this outfit a little longer. I thought that it was beautiful.

rinaz and cart holding up cupcakes

All of a sudden, someone took out a light sabre and asked Cart to hold it.

Picture by Fari

The evening ended with my close friends and relatives doing a blessing ceremony for Cart and me.

Mak Oteh blessing Cart and Rinaz

Here, my aunt, Mak Oteh is blessing Cart and I with some Beras Kunyit, Bertih, Tepung Tawar and a bit of henna.

Such a beautiful and exciting night. Of course, I did what every bride did at the end of a reception. Which was to pass out on the bed in exhaustion 😛

And I will end this post with a short video of one of the Dikir Barat performance during the wedding. See if you can spot any bloggers that you know in there.

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23 Replies to “Part 4 – The Wedding Dinner”

  1. Sylv

    Thank you so much for coming 🙂

    I really enjoyed having my friends around on our special day. Its too bad that time really passed by so fast then. Seriously, everything was like speeded up for me the entire time.

    And pretty? All make up lah 😛


    DK was fantastic yeah?

    I really didn’t expect for anyone to actually come over and help out with the wifi, so that was a really kind gesture to me.

    And of course, he had priority over the free wifi … heheheheh

  2. William

    Thank you William! 🙂


    Hahaha, its a definite favourite for most! I think it was accidental though, someone brought it for their chrismas party, I remember 🙂

  3. Wait a minute, I’m lost!! Who is that “coy and demure” lady again? Heh. Congratz to the both of you. While the pose of the Obi Wan Kenobi-wannabe with the light sabre is just enough to make any decent Star Wars fans go wild, I truly enjoy to see how the “coy and demure” lady holding her hand over her face in mock embarrassment. =P

  4. How wonderful to have so many supportive and helpful friends and relatives!! The wedding looked like a huge success! wish i were there too 😉

  5. a_x

    That’s me lah!

    And thank you for your congratulations 🙂

    All the credits to that picture would have to go to Fari though, I think it was he who brought the light sabre to the wedding. That was extremely amusing.


    I feel very blessed that there were so many people who were helping out. Its really touching 🙂

    I wished you were in Singapore too, but then again, there was always the livestreaming! Not the same, but its something right? 😀

  6. I never remembered the void deck looking like that myself, ever. Hahaha!

    The blessing ceremony started a while later in the evening. By then I think a number of people already left. Its too bad because I think it would have been interesting to see 🙂

  7. I can still remember how grand the void deck looked. Amazing! I don’t recall the blessing ceremony though, think I might have missed that. 🙁

  8. Yeah, the cupcakes are really lovely aren’t they?

    Life here is ok, takes some adjusting to, with the lifestyle, the language, and pretty much everything but its pretty much ok 🙂

    How is life over there? 😛

  9. I like your videos. You looked very beautiful in that make up. Everything was perfect… untill… the light sabre, haha… What the heck was with that? Your husband a star wars fan? ^^

  10. It was just someone bringing the light sabre for a christmas party that he was attending later in the evening 😛

    Well it made a good photo op didn’t it? Hahahaha!

  11. Hi dear, just saw the whole wedding ceremony. Wow…both of you looked wonderful….and oh so grand…looking at the videos makes me feel that I did not miss your wedding after all… glad for both of you. Read your interesting blog too…felt like I’ve been to Rome! Ha! Glad you are adjusting!

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