The wedding Part 1 – The ROMM Interview

In Singapore, before a Muslim couple could get married, among other things, it is compulsory for the couple to complete the Marriage Preparatory Course and then have an interview with the Registry of Muslim Marriages.

To what I know of, the interview was to check that the couple were both sound of mind for marriage as well as to check that the marriage was consensual.

Registry of Muslim Marriages, Singapore

Cart and I were at the Registry of Muslim Marriages, on Monday morning, together with my family.

After registering at the counter, we were all asked to wait outside the office upstairs. This was a very familiar place to me, having gone there a couple of times for relatives’s wedding.

That’s my dad there peeking inside the solemnization room. Inside the room is a raised platform with a dais and about 100 seats facing the dais, for the guests.

Shortly after, the kadi asked for my dad first.

I was feeling a little bit nervous. I wondered what the kadi would be asking me. Was this an examination? And if I did not answer him correctly, does that mean that we would not be able to get married?

It didn’t take too long till it was my turn.

Gingerly, I knocked on the door and entered. The air felt serious. Throughout the entire duration, the kadi didn’t smile, and was sombre. He looked at the piece of paper in front of him, asked me to confirm my name was, my dad’s name as well as my future husband’s name was.

He made me raise up my right hand and solemnly swear that all the details that I had written down was true. I thought it was a strange ritual. Nevertheless, I did as he asked and the interview was over. That was it.

Then it was Cart’s turn and like me, his interview went on smoothly too.

With time to spare, I decided to spend the day buying wedding exchange gifts. We headed to Geylang, which had plenty of good foods as well as nice shopping.

Cart and went to ‘Everest’, a jewellery shop that my mum liked. Mum splurged on a beautiful bracelet and ring and I bought one of my hantaran set and splurged on a heart charm bracelet. Till now, I can’t believe at how impulsive I was.

Regardless, after consulting with Cart over their rings, this is now my wedding ring.


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  1. May I ask was your husband already a muslim before or did he convert so you can marry? I ask that cuz you say he’s Italian and Italians are usually Roman catholics.

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