My review of Everyday Minerals Cosmetics

Ever since attending the Revlon launch some while back, I’ve been quite fascinated by mineral makeup. Recently, through Sylvia, I stumbled upon an entry about free mineral samples and I’ve ordered the Everyday Minerals sample kit.

Everyday Minerals Sample Kit

This consists of a concealer, blush and foundation. I’ve been using them for about a week now and I’m really happy with it so far.

Below are two videos of :

How to put on mineral makeup

And what I think of Everyday Minerals Cosmetics

Have you used mineral cosmetics before? What do you think of it?

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Update : After using it regularly for about a month, I realise that the matte formula dried up my skin quite significantly. I recommend that you moisturize thoroughly or mix the different formulas together.

Update 2 : If you liked this post, check out my review on Everyday Minerals Brushes

12 Replies to “My review of Everyday Minerals Cosmetics”

  1. Mintea

    I cant wait for my next package to come in too! (And the next incoming). I think you’ll enjoy your items alot 🙂

    Yikes, I’m really going crazy at buying mekap online nowadays *faints*

  2. yeay i got it too!! and you’re right! the jars are so so so so cutesyyyy. powder is super super fine and kept flying around. but overall it’s nice and coating perfectly! i think i chose shades that are too light though.. and i thought i’m fair skinned. bleh. especially the concealer. it was so light, and so glittery/shimmery that even after i put on foundation i can see the dots of concealers.

  3. hi there,i noticed that the medium tan that u show on the video is actually lighter than the one that you took pictures which is the exact colour of it?im actually intending to order medium tan until i saw the differences,n yup i’m abit confused here.hope u will help.thanks!

  4. Sylv

    According to the EDM website, they will be changing the jars to something else though. I’m glad to hear that the new packages will make the new shipping cost less and we have more items 😀

    I’m looking forward to that … hehehe

    And indeed, the foundation colours are way off from what is seen from the website. Fortunately, I think that the owners will be revamping the pictures as well as the foundation itself!


    But at the exchange of increased amounts of samples … I’m looking forward to that! 😀


    When I took the video, I was facing the window and it was daylight whereas in the picture, it was day, but in the shade. The differences shouldn’t be too much 🙂

    I think that if you knew what your undertones are, it would help a lot. Does your skin has any red undertones? Then you’d be good with warm colours. For me, I have yellow undertones so golden is great for me.

    I’m looking forward to my next haul to see if olive-golden medium is good too. Its been said that its great for asian skin like us 🙂

  5. Hi, Marina! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love mineral pigment eyeshadows but have never really been keen on mineral foundation since my skin’s so dry and the powder just cakes up on my skin. I’ve heard so much about EDM that I’ve just placed an order for some samples. Good to hear that you’re loving them! I look forward to mine. Anyway, hope to see you around!

  6. Hi Connie! 🙂

    I love mineral eyeshadows too, especially the ones from Pure Luxe. Have you used them before? I think that they are really nice and glides on the skin 🙂 Will be doing a review on that in a week or two.

    And I think that you’d like EDM. I havent heard of anyone not liking them in all my research! 😀

  7. i have been a customer for years but my last order was wrong and i cannot call them…what is that about? seriously, you cannot find a phone number for these people? what kind of customer service is this….em is in jeopordy of being lables a scam

  8. sue till, I hope you have been able to resolve your order issue. But If you’ve been using Everyday minerals for years then you know they are no scam. They do have email for these types of problems. I’m sure if they had people manning phone lines, we’d be paying more for the product. Every time I’ve emailed I’ve gotten a response.

  9. Hi sorry , would like to know how can i buy them online. As in which website should i go to , to order and make sure i am not cheated. Haha. Am a fellow Sinagporean here. Please e-mail me if possible , really like ur review!

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