Being made up by a celebrity mekap artist – So exciting!

Some weeks back, Nadnut and I were chatting on msn on the events that we were invited to. Though we both loved tech, we thought of how nice it was if we were invited to beauty and fashion events as well.

I believe that all women, regardless of shape and sizes, love to look and feel good. It is always exciting to try out something new, be it clothes, or shoes.

Rinaz tries Taaz

One of them being Taaz.Com where you can play with virtual make up.

Hence, when Nadnut invited me to tag along with her to the Revlon makeup launch, I was so excited that I could not say no!

I arrived at the Halia Restaurant in the Singapore Botanic Gardens where I saw a number of bloggers that I recognized as well as many other media representatives.

Bloggers and Media at Revlon ColorStay Mineral Collection Launch

There was an opening speech by the Managing Director, Mr Art Miller and soonafter, we were introduced to Bree Sharpe, a Senior Trainer for Revlon who talked about the new ColorStay Mineral Collection and did a demonstration on one of the models.

Bree Sharpe demonstrating the Revlon ColorStay Mineral Foundation

The foundation had many nice features – it was long lasting, up to 16 hours, it had SPF of 10, as well as containing minerals such as rose quartz, mother of pearl and topaz. But what I loved about the foundation the most was that it was non irritating and even people with acne prone skin could wear it.

Rinaz and Bree

I listened to Bree retell her experience of travelling to different countries and how easy it was for other types of makeup to melt off in our tropical climate. The foundation, she said, lasted long enough for her jetsetting lifestyle and was gentle enough not to give her breakouts and it even healed her skin.

The Revlon ColorStay Mineral Foundation

Coincidentally, I was at Watsons the day before and I noticed that it was already for sale, and Watsons is having a 20% sale off their cosmetics. So the foundation will cost about $26 instead of $29.90 😀

Next, it was time for celebrity make up artist, Andy Lee, to do a demonstration on using the 2008 Limited Edition Collection.

Watching him was like seeing a talented artist at work as he skillfully dabbed about the cosmetics on the models face and chatted amiably with the guests and shared with us the different make up techniques.

The Revlon 2008 Limited Edition Collection

Doesn’t these look very pretty? I’m enamoured by how beautiful the design of the eye-shadow collection are. It’s like an artwork by itself! I thought the packaging rivals higher-end brand names but at a more affordable price.

Bloggers surround the makeup artist at the Revlon Launch

I observed the other bloggers getting make up tips and impromptu eye make up from Andy and I desperately wanted to be made over too. But suddenly, I felt rather shy as all of the other bloggers were young, attractive and slim.

But Aaron was so gracious that he broke the ice and introduced Andy to me!

Andy Lee and Rinaz

I was drawn to him instantly as he was friendly and sweet man, who was generous in imparting his knowledge.

Here is a video (with thanks to Aaron as videographer) of Andy doing makeup for me!

Rinaz being made up by a mekap artist from rinaz on Vimeo

It was the most exciting experience that I had in a while. Me! Being made up by a celebrity make up artist! I was so enthralled. The day could not be any better.

Bloggers at Revlon
Me, Feliza, Sabrina, Fidelis, Jessica, Art Miller, Esther, Nadia, Peggy and Averal

We had a goodie bag at the end of the day :

Revlon Goodie Bag

Inside the bag, it contained :

  • A ColorStay Mineral Foundation
  • A ColorStay Mineral Blush
  • A Renewist Lipcolor
  • A 2008 Limited Edition – Floral Affair Blush
  • A 2008 Limited Edition – Make a Sheen eyeshadow

How very generous! With that, I’ll be reviewing these makeup in a later post ahead 🙂

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13 Replies to “Being made up by a celebrity mekap artist – So exciting!”

  1. Hi ger~ Great review of the event. Nice seeing you too. You weren’t the only one being shy. Me too, especially when it was the first time that I see all of you!

    Being attractive, young and all that do not matter when whats most important is INSIDE – One’s character, moral values and intelligence. Beauty fades with time and age. But one’s intelligence will work hand in hand with the person for life. I think these are more important than anything that’s considered superficial. 🙂

    Btw, just to tell you, I love that beret you wore for the coffee event (forgot what it was, happened to read that post) 🙂

    Cheers babe!

  2. Feliza

    Thanks for dropping in my blog 🙂

    Indeed, beauty is nothing without a good character. And there are a number of media that we can see that reflects these.

    The beret? Gosh … hahaha! Cafe Noir being a french event, it gave me an excuse to wear it since the beret is one of the french embodiment 🙂


    Huh? Its just too camwhore-like … even for a personal blog 😛

    Sorry 😛


    Whats great was that he was really really nice and friendly 🙂

    He was more than willing to share make up tips which I thought was extremely generous

  3. Hi, you look great! Iwish they had Revlon makeover events here in the United States.I did buy some of that Revlon makeup featured in the makeovers. I like the video.It must have been so exciting for you! Was that Revlon tips in that Revlon folder? I wish they had those folders here in the United States.Do you think you can scan those tips here if you havre a scanner or just email them to me.

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