Taj Samudra – Affordable Indian Food

I’ve always enjoyed eating Indian food. So when Daphne suggested a ping outing to Taj Samudra last Sunday, I just could not pass it off.

The Place

Getting here was quite a cinch as I’m familiar with the area – it was in the same main road as my favourite Indian Restaurants like Ananda Bhavan and Komala Villas. With the restaurant being close to Mustafa Center, makes it very easy to spot – especially with its distinctive orange signboard.

But being on a Sunday, the area was extremely crowded and the roads can be quite scary with the vehicles squeezing and honking. Trying to get parking can be quite of a challenge – I had to risk parking illegally next to the already fully occupied motorcycle lot.

I entered the restaurant and I liked the cosy environment. On the walls were some interesting looking decorative tiles and there were some attractive hanging chandeliers. There were modern glass tables and chairs. The entire combination made the place appear quite classy.

Unfortunately for us, the air-conditioning was not working on that day and we had to suffer in the heat.

The Service

The entire affair was pretty much a self service as it was a buffet. There were two tables with food that you could help yourself to unlimited amounts of food.

The staff were pretty friendly and full of smiles when we were dining there. However, they need to be more attentive. Ironicgamer had to wait for 30 mins for his drink to arrive and I noticed that the staff tends not to notice Malique and Chillycrap‘s request. Personally for me, I did not have any problems and the staff were very attentive to me.

The Food

Can you believe that you can have unlimited Indian food for about $12? This was most impressive to me. Here are just some of the foods that I had. I’m not very familiar with the names, my apologies if I got the names wrong :

Briyani Rice – Wonderfully flavourful and fluffy rice

Mixed Vegetable

I guess this is the special vegetable?

Daal – I prefer if it was thicker, but this was good too


Mysore mutton

Masala Chicken

Sweet and sour fish – I like this one a lot! Tasty!



Thats a lot of food for $12 right? Where else in Singapore can you get this much food at that price? My only qualm is with most of the food is that its a tad salty for my taste and I’ve had better Indian food than this. The rest of the group seemed to like it very much though.

Here is a quick video of what pingsters think of the restaurant :

In a nutshell

Very affordable Indian Food Buffet

Taj Samudra Restaurant
117 Syed Alwi Road
Singapore 207685

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Sidenote : My voice is still raspy in the video as I’m still recovering from my sore throat.

14 Replies to “Taj Samudra – Affordable Indian Food”

  1. Chillycraps

    Maybe I should add in the video part when Malique was acting all drama mama when he was eating … hehehehe


    Hehehe … 6 1/2 upon ten 😛


    I hope you get better soon 🙂 *hugs*

  2. WOW,that’s really some cheap buffet.I pay about 10 bucks here just for a ‘thosai buffet’ which basically also vegetarian buffet, a tad expensive I know but I don’t have a choice.Anyway,I loveeeee that eefect you have on your ‘rasam’ pic and your interview lah..

  3. Buny

    Oh please! You’re younger than I am!!! 😛


    $10 is a tad bit expensive for just tosai isnt it? I think this would be a good time to make friends with a nice Indian person (solely to have Indian food!) Hehehehe!!

    I didn’t do anything with the rasam pic, it was swirling around because someone took a ladleful of it and I didn’t want to wait till it settled down 😛


    No worries! Another time maybe! 😀

  4. rinaz it is ex yeah i do agree but it includes other vegetarian fare too but i mostly go for their thosais and pooris ..hehe..true i would loe to have an indian neighbour who cooks indian fares like thosais /poori /chppati..maybe i shall make that a pre requisite that there are indians residing in the next place we are going to move to..:=P

  5. If you are fond of good north indian food and Tandoori Kebbabs, i will recommend you go to Kashmir Restaurant on Race Course Road.

    The indian food is one of the best in Singapore. Infact they also serve Kashmiri food ( a region in the north of india) both with mild and spicy dishes and fantantic aroma….

    A Must try

  6. I should say Madura’s restaurant in Syed Alwi Road has better taste of south and north indian when compared to others in that area. I should say you should try their Dum Briyani and Tandoori items.
    You will never regret. But the servicing time took little longer around 10 minutes, but I can comprise that for the taste. The price is also affordable.

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