Unboxing the chocolates

My first attempt at food porn isn’t going very well. The mouth doesn’t match the video because the frame rate dropped while recording.

Anyway, I’ve aquired two boxes of Meiji Meltykiss and here is the unboxing πŸ˜€

And no, I’m not doing a retake because I am too lazy.

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  1. Hi Rinaz

    So it was the camera fault or adobe premier
    I’m re-installing premier again, i like the domain watermark

    also I’m trying vimeo … registeringgggggggg now

    Send over some leftover to Woodlands St 13
    Roger and thanks yar πŸ™‚

  2. hello rinaz..

    hmm how are you.. long time i did not read your blog haha..
    busy with other thing..
    anyway hmm, I like that chocolate..
    it’s look yummy haha..
    anyway so take care yah..
    bye.. =)


  3. Sha

    I dont know what went wrong. I’ve never had that drop frame problem before 😐

    Which version premiere do you have? And vimeo is a great place to host your videos, its much more clearer than youtube πŸ™‚ Fo’ Shur!


    Hahahaha! Of course!

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