Egyptian Food Workshop – Seriously yummy food

Last Saturday, I was at the Braddell Heights Community Center for an Egyptian Food Workshop.

Egyptian Food Workshop at the Braddell Heights Community Center

Prior to this, I participated in a quiz, and was pleasantly surprised to find out that I won a pass for this workshop some days later. It has been a while since I’ve been to a cooking workshop.

Egyptian Food Workshop at the Braddell Heights Community Center

Nevertheless, it was quite an interesting session, not only for me, but also for my senses – my eyes teared up from the spices used, my nose smelled the flavourful scents and my eyes saw the colourful ingredients.

When the food was cooked, we all got a taste. And I loved it! The food that I had was really tasty.

Egyptian Food Workshop at the Braddell Heights Community Center

On this plate, clockwise direction is Hudaar Salatah (Salad), Ruz Shariah (Rice), Nie Fi Nie (Potato and Mutton) and Frakh Bil Fond (Chicken). I love them all. Absolutely delicious! Can I have more? 🙂

Here is a short clip of the workshop :


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9 Replies to “Egyptian Food Workshop – Seriously yummy food”

  1. You know what…I’ve been having cravings for middle eastern/turkish food lately and Frak Bil FOnd looks delish to me,shall find an egyptian rest here soon or perhaps the recipe!I love cooking workshops and would love to attend one soon…

  2. I think you can make it yourself, it looked pretty simple to do :):):)

    As for me, I loved eating it! It was surprisingly tasty! I hope you find a cooking workshop there – is there a place there like the community centers that we have here?

  3. I would love to soon…am quite lazy these days hehe but soon I will try,thanks for the motivation.:-)
    There are classes/workshops held for different cuisines in community colleges ( non credit) and you can just sign up for it which Im thinking of looking into…

  4. Hi friends
    This meal really looks very delicious and i would try preparing it myself. Yet i have been looking for an easy way for preparing stewed spinach. i found it in
    Stewed Spinach
    but it is really difficult. i wanna you tell me another easier way

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