What is a top blogger?

I forgotten about this clip I’ve uploaded till the pretty Nadnut told me that Lancerlord has linked it through my youtube account.

Ping Party 2007

Pingsters at the first ping.sg party @ geek terminal

I was at the Geek Terminal about two weeks ago to give my support to Ping.sg for an upcoming netcast project done by thedigitalmovement and activechannel.

While waiting for our turn to be filmed, I ask my blogger friends, Brennan, Daphne, Uzyn and DK on their opinions on “Top Bloggers”

Personally for me, blogging is a platform that allows a person to voice out their opinion. I believe that everyone has the right to express what they want as long as they blog responsibly and do not cause harm other people.

As blog readers too, we have our own personal preference to the blogs that we read. Some of these blogs could possibly have a very high traffic. But these blogs do not represent me.

We already have enough of discrimination in real life. Top bloggers? I think everyone should be given the chance to shine not just the so called elites.

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  1. IMO I don’t see any top or bottom bloggers, just bloggers I like and bloggers I won’t even waste my finger strength to click in.

    Blog with joy, blog with passion, and that’s the way I think it should be.

  2. The thing is that it isn’t hard to be a top blogger by number of visits, technology remains a popular topic and you just have to have lots to blog about it. Add some tutorials of subjects such as Photoshop or Design tips or just keep doing those Top 50 best design sites features. You’ll be popular in no time but that wouldn’t actually straight away mean that you’re a good blogger imho.

  3. this is a good post, and clearly states the same reasoning i have with the blog shared by my wife and i.
    on my blogroll, there’s “top” singapore bloggers, and some that are not.. just whoever that we feel like reading on a regular basis.


  4. Mr Dew

    The great thing about blogs is that bloggers can express themselves in many diverse topics. Eventually, people would reach out for these niche topics.

    On the other hand, I find it disconcerting to have people believe that there are bloggers who are on top of another and who actually believe that they are better than others.

    I really dont fancy the term ‘top blogger’ – it has such a snob value.


    Yes definitely 🙂 There are blogs that appeal to us, and there are blogs which doesnt. Many people tend to read blogs about friends and people that they know anyways.

  5. How about if I am a blogger staying on the top floor of a block of HDB flats?

    Seriously though, I agree with everyone here that there are no top bloggers, only top delusional people who blog.

  6. if you guys are talking about the “august featured blogger of nuffnang”, i just wanna say,

    yes i agree the term “TOP BLOGGER” is something too generic and somehow i do think that my post at nuffnang is kinda trashy.. i have to explain myself that i had only 1 day to think about a post for the featured blogger thingy.. something “interesting” and related to blogging..

    so sorry if i offended anyone with that post. it was supposed to be tongue-in-cheek.. not anything serious.


  7. DK

    Mwahahaha! Lets find a halal version one 😛


    That may be so, but there are still people who believes in the entire top blogger hype!


    I bet that Uzyn’s blog has alot of (+) 😀


    How about delusional fans too? 😛


    I live on the 9th floor, how about you? 😛


    I dont think we were talking about you. I dont even remember your name coming up in the conversation. But we were talking about the term top blogger / elite blogger / vip blogger in general. It infuriates me when blogs are a form of attaining popularity rather than a true outlet of expression.

    But then again, people have the right to blog about what they want. As I have the right not to like what they write.

    Personally for me, I have a problem with people believing that they are better than other people.

  8. yea what actually makes a top blogger???

    one that can pull in the most advertisers?

    one that can get freebies without much efforts?

    one that get awards after awards year after year?

    one that gets recognition from the media and other bloggers?

    to be honest, there is no such thing as a top blogger really.. each and everyone of us are tops in our own way for having the courage to have a say in some things that simply cannot and will not be addressed through other means..

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