We control our destiny

We could have so much more.

We could go so far but sometimes, for the majority of us, I feel that it is a catch 22 – we are potential victims with the choices that we make.

Sometimes I dont understand why we can be so egoistical. That we would not seek help when we are in trouble. What is it that makes a person make decisions unfathomable to us, rather than to seek legitimate help? Is it because they are unaware of the help rendered?

And why is it that we can be so apathetic? That we would rather keep quiet and willingly let others take advantage of us. How did this happen? When did this happen? What is the root? I dont understand.

I believe in the law of attraction – we think of what we want to achieve and we can control our destiny. Of course, success would need effort on our part.

True, some of us may not be rich enough, or famous enough, or know the right people. But what would make me upset is that we dont at least try.

We could have so much potential.

We could have prodigies in our mist but even prodigies need to be nurtured. To spot out and nurture these talents, they will need the support of their environment.

Its a cycle really. What qualities are we imparting to our future generation? Is this the future that we want?

5 Replies to “We control our destiny”

  1. Thats true. But how about people who dont see their potential? Like young children, they wouldnt be able to judge and make the effort because they are not capable of thinking of it.

    Environment is also crucial.

  2. Well.. I think the most impt is that you don’t regret the chioces we make. Be it a good choice or a bad one, what is impt is not regretting when you are 70 years old. To try or not? Is the choice good? A victim of choice? most impt I say is that you don’t regret at the end of the day… and if you think you will regret? That means you have make the wrong choice! Simple as that… =)

  3. Yes, everything is about choices arent they?

    But at the same time what happens when someone isnt aware of the choices that he could make? What happens if a person isnt guided to realise that there is other ways?


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