7 Bloggers in Singapore that I admire

Both Daphne and Kev tagged me with a meme! I thought for sure I wouldn’t get another one soon after this meme and the 6 weird things about me.

The many faces of rinaz

But since they are both really cool people, I guess I’ll do this one πŸ™‚

7 Bloggers in Singapore that I admire (in no particular order)

1. Chew on it!

I am a long time admirer of Mr Lee ever since I’ve read his comics from the Sunday times. Mr Lee is a truly witty, funny and talented comic artist. I still remember back in 1997, when he still hosted his cartoons in Singnet. Then for about 2 years ago, he started his own blog and I was really engaged by his comics.

Mr Lee is a very talented man and enjoy reading his creations.

2. Bubblemunche

I stumbled upon his blog in early 2005 and was hooked on it since. He was a really funny guy. His entries ranges from all sorts of topics. Some of the memorable and touching one was the one to ‘Boon Lay girl from a Pasir Ris guy’ which I found incredibly sweet. I’d always secretly wish that the guy will get the girl in the end.

I guess we wouldn’t find out the ending as he has stopped blogging at about mid 2005 πŸ™

3. The lakeside girl

I only got to know her after she nominated an article about me and Cartcart for tomorrow.sg. How she stumbled onto my blog, I still have no idea.

Mari is one of the most sweetest person’s that I am blessed to know online. She exudes calmness and is beautiful, inside and out. I enjoy reading her thought provoking posts.

4. Uncle Sha

Sha is a talented guy with many merits. He’s a funny blogger, he is shrewd and has the know-hows on making money on the internet. He has a really fit and toned body but most of all, he is a decent, humble and down to earth guy.

It’s not hard to like him.

5. Reversed Edge

Ridzuan was a friend of Juli’s and I got to know about his blog through her. His blog was deep, profound and thought provoking. He would write about a multitude of things about life, about reverberations and I looked forward to reading his next entry.

Why he closed his blog, still remains a mystery to me.

6. Theory is the reason

I got to know about him while we were at a Secondlife meet and I find him an interesting, intelligent and thougtful person. It’s amazing to find out at such a young age, he was teaching for a Polytechnic.

7. Practically every one in ping.sg!

And I tag …

Anyone who wants to do this. Its a whole lot more fun than doing the 7 worst bloggers πŸ˜‰

17 Replies to “7 Bloggers in Singapore that I admire”

  1. yay! u rock, babe. i love the montage of the 6 horrified (to varying degrees) facial expressions haha!

    i think this shd be the tag line of this meme: “Its a whole lot more fun than doing the 7 worst bloggers.”

    hehe πŸ™‚

    gd list, tho u cheated by including to bloggers who arent bloggers anymore! ho ho.

  2. Daphne

    But I liked them! And they are Singaporeans! And they are funny! And! And! And…!

    Yeah, β€œIts a whole lot more fun than doing the 7 worst bloggers” is a good title. Argh! Too late in consulting you πŸ™‚

    Nana Jr

    Do your own list too πŸ™‚


    14? Hahaha, then I can list 14 people in ping.sg at random. Hehehe. But like what Daphne says, if 10 people tagged you, do you have to do 70? πŸ˜›


    *knocks your head with a plastic hammer*

  3. Kevin

    I will! πŸ˜€


    Hahahaha! I think practically every one of them because I’ve a naturally over expressive face.


    Ooooh yeah, you rock! You definitely rock πŸ˜€ Mr Malique Tick!

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  5. Hey! I’m a fan of Chee Chew’s cartoons too. Didn’t know Chee Chew has a blog. Only one post left there now. :-p I remember visiting a site where he posted many of his comics, but it didn’t look like a blog. Can’t find it now.

    By the way, interesting: Three of your favorite bloggers have stopped blogging. Got a taste for the extinct species?

  6. Hi Clappingtrees!

    Chee Chew used to have a blog and he updated quite frequently too and I admired his works and his thoughts about practically everthing. But he stopped blogging after some time. He said that he didnt have any time. It was such a disappointment to see him deleting his archives :

    Back in 1997 or so, he used to have a website via singnet (remember the good old days when our isp’s gave us some space to make our own webpage?) The address was a little hard to remember: http://www.singnet.com/~mcmxcii? Anyways, I dont think the site is up anymore.

    I dont know if I have a taste of the extinct species πŸ˜› I guess these bloggers that happened to stop blogging doesnt want to deal with internet fame perhaps. Or maybe its too much work?

    I dont know πŸ˜› Hehehe

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