Ack! Another meme!

I am really not fond of doing memes.

I got tagged by Sha, and then Eastcoastlife and most recently, Clappingtree to do a meme. But I guess I’ll do this just one more time, just cause I think they are all cool people.

Finish this sentence :

I love
my scooter.

I feel
happy when I am on my scooter.

I need
my scooter.

Idiosyncracies about me :

1. Before I start my journey, I pat my scooter and ask if it is ready.

1. During my journeys, I sing on my scooter.

2. After every trip, I’d say goodnight to my scooter.

Goals before I die:

1. Persuade Cartcart to learn to ride a scooter

2. Have my future kids to learn to ride a scooter.

3. Have everyone else to learn to ride a scooter.

And I tag

  1. No one
  2. Mei yo de ren
  3. Tiada sesiapa orang
  4. Nessuna persona
  5. Karappam Pochi

There I’ve done a meme, happy? 😛

7 Replies to “Ack! Another meme!”

  1. LOL! Rinaz, thanks for doing this meme of mine. You are cool. I’ve thought of riding scooters before. It’s inexpensive and so convenient, except for the risks on the road. And physically, I’m not very good at balancing myself. Maybe I’ll learn how to ride a scooter afterall. 😉

  2. Man….. Your constant obsession with all things scooter really makes me wanna get one as a second mode of transport. As I shared before, I was a red scooter rider before many years ago…. 😉

  3. Clappingtrees

    You’re right there when you say that its inexpensive. When I compare the road tax, the parking costs, the weekly petrol costs, the cost of the car itself. Woah! Its really scary!

    Balancing problems? I think the biggest advice that I can give is to look in front and to look far. Looking down and left and right tends to make a rider wobble. Try! Try! 😀


    Red scooter? You might like the Vespa LX-150 😀 Comes in chilli red which is quite pretty and being automatic, makes it really simple to manouvere. Try! Try! 😀


    Yeah! Gilera is nice too. I like how rugged it looks like, very sporty bike 😀


    Iya. Boleh cakap poodah jugak, kalau nak buat orang to berambus 😛


    I didnt know that you rode a red scooter before. Hehe … Maybe you might want to give some advice to eastcoastlife since she says that she would like to ride a red scooter 😀

    Of course, cars are convenient too. Especially when it rains. But 2 wheels are better than 4 😛

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