Making Kaya

We had some coconut milk leftover from making currypuffs and I decided to make some Kaya with it. Kaya is a wonderful egg and coconut jam combination which is just lovely to spread on toasts.

There are two types of kaya – the green and the brown one, each with it’s own special taste. Kaya means rich in Malay by the way, and it’s funny when we gift a bottle of this to someone who wants to be rich (Sort of like for Italians eating lenticchie)

In any case, I’m surprised at how easy it is to make this. I used the recipe from this site. A pity that I didn’t have palm sugar around the house and had to use regular sugar instead. I’m sure that it’ll be so much tastier with!

Sidenote : As you know, my main compy is having serious issues right now. Which sucks. Worst case scenario, I’ll just blog from my phone. Am contemplating on buying a new laptop when I’m in Singapore. Anyone has any recommendations? πŸ™‚

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  1. I’m currently having breakfast with nyonya kaya! Veery nice..and less sweet than jam. Should I make my own kaya?..mmhhh

    1. Yes yes yes! Try it, you’ll love it! Moreover it seems easier to find Asian ingredients in Veneto compared to Rome … I have no idea why!

  2. Your kaya looks so nice and yummy! I tried making kaya a couple of years ago, found all the right ingredients, spent hours stirring but the texture never thickened. I must’ve done something wrong. In the end I had to dump it all. So now I stick to the ready made ones πŸ˜›

    1. I haven’t seen any kaya for sale in Rome. But that’s fine with me so that I can experiment with making one! Heheh … I think the trick is to pour a little bit of hot coconut milk into the egg bit by bit and not the other way round so that the kaya doesn’t get clumpy.

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