Adorable Italian New Years Eve customs

And here we are, the last post for 2012. Seems like the time passed by so quickly … or I’m just plain slow.

Anyway, here in Italy, especially in the South, there is this charming custom where you throw away your old things out of the window on New Year’s Eve to symbolize your readiness to accept the new year. Which is why it’s best not to walk, or park your vehicle too close under the window unless you want to be hit with random old things!

Another custom is to eat lentils on New Year’s Eve :

Usually, they are made into a type of soup. Eating lenticchie (lentils) is supposed to bring you fortune on account of its round shape which looks like coins. So it’s like filling yourself up with richness! I should eat a lot of these then :p

The next custom is to light up fireworks :

These colourful and noisy things are fun to see and even more so to play with. Last New Years Eve, I was in Gianicolo and it was really exciting! You could smell, see, hear the fireworks … (and I think its really something to experience) Unfortunately, it is slowly becoming illegal due to the amount of accidents inflicted to fireworks.

Another custom is of wearing red underwear

For luck … if you know what I mean 😉

In any case, I wish for all my dear bloggariffic family for all the prosperity, luck and happiness to us for the new year as we say goodbye to 2012. And thank you for sticking around all these years 🙂

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  1. Marina, I wish you a blessed new year and may it bring you many good things! Your blog has entertained me a lot and will look forward to reading more 🙂
    Happy New Year!!!!

    1. I’m so glad to hear that you’ve been entertained by this humble blog. Thank you so much for being one of the best bloggariffic family to date! You’re awesome and spectacular! 🙂

    1. Oh Xinyun, you are really really sweet to remember that I love to eat Ayam Penyet! I do look forward to going back to Singapore and having a nice meal with you and the rest of the gang *hugs* 🙂

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