First glances at the HTC Touch Diamond

Last Thursday, a group of bloggers as well as tech-forumites, journalists and various media were invited by Gina of The Right Spin to the HTC Touch Diamond unveiling at the swanky Shangri La.

Before going to the event, in all honesty, I was quite nonplussed about the phone, seeing as to how homogeneous phones are becoming, with similar functions and even similar physical looks. How can this one be any different?

But the more I learn about the phone, the more enticing it is. The feature which I liked a lot was the graphical interface of the phone as compared to the current phones that we have now which are in 2D, the Touch Diamond has a 3D interface which makes it aesthetically simple to get to different functions.

Naturally as a heavy internet user, it was not so much as the camera function nor the mp3 player that impressed me, but I’d have to say that the internet function of the Touch Diamond was very impressive.

According John Wang, Chief Marketing Officer of HTC, the Touch Diamond uses HSDPA technology which makes internet connection 16 times faster than regular 3G. And it was visually apparent as watching a youtube video – it was very speedy. Unfortunately the demo version of the phones came out blank when I tried going to Vimeo as well as trying to view the video on my site, but it was explained that the phones will be updated to allow viewing of flash embedded videos.

A couple of other cool feature of the phone is how there is an autoflow function which would solve the problem of having to move the directional key countless of times. There was also a character optical reader where you take a picture of a namecard and it recognizes the character and store it into the address book. And the body was sturdy enough to withstand a drop without even a scratch mark to it.

This is a really sweet phone indeed.

At $1098 dollars, it might seem a little steep, but I think that its worth it considering the very spectacular functions of the phone.

Here is a quick video clip of the event :

Unveiling of the HTC Touch Diamond from rinaz on Vimeo

Have you used a HTC phone before? What do you think about it?

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13 Replies to “First glances at the HTC Touch Diamond”

  1. OH MY GOSH!!! My hair was THAT messed up?! Argggh!!

    But who cares!! I really really want the HTC Touch Diamond!!

    Rinaz ur video very well done! Shows the highlight of the phone! Great job!

    As said in the video, it’s the bloggers’ phone! And also for those who love surfing while on the move and watching videos!

    I Waaaant!!!

  2. Daryl Tay

    Wow, I didn’t realise that the HTC had such a great following πŸ™‚ But what do you define as conventional though … would that include the entire rest of the phones … hehehe


    I really don’t think that you hair was messy … it looked good πŸ™‚

    And I can really tell that you are anticipating for the phone! I do hope that they give us review units so that we can really see the features without being hassled by other people πŸ˜›

    I hope you get your Touch Diamond soon!


    Have you heard about the phone before? What did you think about it?

    And I also don’t know why I’m invited πŸ˜›

    Hun Boon

    Thanks! It was good to meet you at the SMB too, its great to exchange information and knowledge with each other πŸ™‚


    Hehehe … thanks! πŸ™‚

    Its 2 hours of talk condensed into 3 mins πŸ˜€

  3. I swear that i find it easy to slag this device off only because I’m jealous of those people who’ve gotten an oppo to play with this little cutie. I do really want it LOL

  4. saw on sntradersonline they were selling it 749$… but US version isnt yet out and who is gona pay for this triband phone it shud not be that expensive waiting for its us version then will see and hope after they 3g iphone its price will drop

  5. It doesn’t have memory card slot, fortunately it has 4 gb internal storage! That’s enough for me.
    Great phone, stunning and capable!

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