Social Media Breakfast 2 – Singapore

It was a last minute decision. After wrestling with the “lazy virus”, I eventually went headed to Cafe Domus where the Social Media Breakfast 2 was held and I was glad that I finally went!

Rinaz and Christina and Priscilla
Cos I got to meet sexeh ladies like Christina and Priscilla

SMB is basically a get together where people can exchange ideas and interact over a meal. I enjoyed it as there were plentiful of interesting people there, and many of them were open to discussing about Social Media.

In both of the SMB that we attended, we were given a sheet of sticky tapes where where we were supposed to tag other people according to what we perceive them to be.

Plaktokz gets tagged

Plaktoz gets tagged

I thought that it was a great way to interact and get to know people. It also helped that the venue was smaller and cosier too – forcing everyone to interact with everyone else 🙂

Personally for me, I find social media a rather interesting subject. In simple terms, social media is basically a two way communication using web 2.0 – such as blogs, forums, networking sites, vlogs, Secondlife and loads more.

Rinaz and Litford and Preetam
Two handsome, smart and charming men, Litford and Preetam

Social media isn’t really something new, in fact even celebrities are increasingly using them as an another avenue for them to win more supporters by publicly interacting with people.

Hence I was very nonplussed when Cart was amazed to see that even celebrities like Jessica Alba willingly uploading a video of herself on youtube. He seems even more impressed when told that a big probability that she will be paid according to the hits that she brought in.

Nicole and Mr Mindef

Nicole and Mr Mindef

But coming back to the SMB, it was nice to meet new people as well as to listen to differing takes on Social Media.

Social Media Breakfast 2 - Singapore

One of them was Wanlyn (pictured here talking intently with me) who was quite perturbed of the social networking site, Facebook – She believes that although facebook was useful in organizing events, we should not be too attached to Facebook to the point that you forget your real life, to which, I agreed with her.

Rinaz and Claudia
Rinaz and Claudia

I also met Hun Boon whom was a wary of e-learning upon learning that I am currently working with an e-learning company. It was through his personal observations as well as interactions that made him believe that the use of technology does not equate to a better learning. To him, aspects such as social human interaction was more important. I don’t quite agree with him, but I respect his point of view.


There was also Ridz who recently posted a very good article about cliques in the web community, we chatted a while together and both remarked at how we tend to meet the same people in events such as these and he remarked, ‘Are there more people who are interested in social media or is this as good as it gets?’ And we both pondered for the longest time.

Dominic and Juzzywuzzy

For some reason Dominic and Juzzywuzzy‘s background don’t look like they are in Singapore

All in all, I rather enjoyed myself, as simple as the event was, it was really good to have an exchange of information over a topic that we were all interested in. I liked that.

Jayden draws Rinaz
Sweetheart Jayden drew this as my tag!

Thank you organizers for organizing this lovely event. Non surprisingly, I’m looking forward to the next tone 🙂

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9 Replies to “Social Media Breakfast 2 – Singapore”

  1. Hi Rinaz,

    Been hearing about this social media breakfast for some time. Looks like a good event to network…and build relationship.

    With regards to the social media question you posed, I have some thoughts on it.

    Social media has brought about a lot of positives to our lives – in bringing people together…creating synergies…making the world smaller…breaking barriers…establishing social interactions on a wider and deeper scale…

    But if you think about it, social media is nothing new. Forums…blogs…groups…have been around for a long time. People have been gathering and interacting for centuries, albeit in less sophisticated medium.

    It’s only recently when various buzz words such as ‘social media’, ‘new media’, interactive digital media and ‘web 2.0’ are being coined that people stand up to take notice.

    Be it web 1.0, web 2.0 or web infinity…social interactions and community participation at the very fundamental level have always existed. Was in the past. Still is in the present. And will be in the future.

    Only the interface, medium and extend of interaction changes.

    My 2 cents. =)


  2. musxzart

    Just hang around in more and I think you’ll notice more of these events? 🙂


    Yes indeed,

    Social media is an evolution of what has always been around since humans started to communicate 😉

    Social media is just a new term for something old! Hehehe


    Yes, hope to see you then! 😀


    For me, I noticed it from the blog aggregate and there also promoted themselves through facebook which makes it all the more accessible 🙂


    Yes, it was very good to see you again 🙂 I do hope to hear more of your thoughts in the next meet!


    Thats cos I take good pictures 😉

  3. Hi Marina,

    Oh yes, you did look taken aback when I voiced my opinions on e-learning. 🙂

    I think the technology itself is improving all the time, and there is great potential. Especially in geographically sparse or inaccessible regions, e-learning can be a godsend to students.

    But looking at the Singapore context, I have my concerns over how it’s used. There seems to be an unhealthy emphasis on IT and technology. Like you pointed out, e-learning is meant to supplement, and not replace, traditional classroom teaching.

    After all, when it comes to inspiring the love of learning, nothing beats a dedicated teacher.

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