Did you know that this is banned in the USA?

I’ve posted this on instagram before, but I thought that I’d just put it up again on my blog :

Just a few days ago, I was telling Cart about how I didn’t seem to be able to find any Kinder Sorpresa during Easter, which is an oddity. So, as soon as I saw one for sale, I quickly got some.


(I’m not sure if these particular ones are a new design or a limited edition)

If you’ve never seen one before (which I think, is incredible) Kinder Sorpresa is a yummy milk chocolate egg and you can break it to find a little toy surprise inside – hence it’s namesake.


It seems that a lot of people have fond memories of this from the number of comments when I put the picture up online. And Cart has a huge plastic full of these toys and a lot of times I shake my head when he likes to put them on the shelves to show them off. It could be interesting to do a video-blog of the toys that he has … and he has LOTS it’s crazy!


Sadly enough, did you know that the Kinder Sorpresa is banned in the USA? Reason being that the toy is a choking hazard for young children. I suppose that there has been quite a number of cases as there is a fine of about 2.5K USD for each egg smuggled in! Yikes!


To be honest, I think the rule is rather odd as everyone (even those outside of Italy) knows that Kinder Sorpresa contains a toy inside and small children shouldn’t be unattended while they are eating in general (not just this chocolate) anyway. And it’s not that easy for me to push open the capsule to get to the toy inside so I doubt that it would be as easy for a young child to get at the toy without asking an adult for help.


(And this is the one I got in 2009. You could tell by the henna on my fingers 🙂

Anyway, while talking about this topic, I’m considering to bring some to Singapore when we head back for Raya, god willing. It would be such a nice surprise. Yes, I’m very punny like that 🙂

4 Replies to “Did you know that this is banned in the USA?”

  1. that’s just silly, to ban a totally warning given snack / toy.

    but i can understand why they ban it… aside from choking hazards…
    some, even with the warning stated, will still sue the company for insane amount of money when it’s totally their fault for not watching the kids.

    to lessen unnecessary lawsuits and needing to deal with such people, it’s easier to just not bring it in.

  2. hi marina, long time no chat. Every now and then i’ll check in on yr blog and I’m glad to see things are going well. Came across this post only today, Have been searching my local supermart for these eggs cos every time I go back to S’pore i bring home more than 10boxes of them cos my niece (almost 20 yrs already) loves them. They have disappeared from the shelves tho, hope i’ll find them before I leave end of june. I see you’re going home too in august I gathered, too bad can’t meet up even there…
    Take care.
    pat (from Milan)

    1. I can still find them in some supermarkets though like Ipercoop and Pam, but you’d have to really keep your eyes open because it’s not so easy to spot – sometimes in the very bottom shelf where no one pays attention .. urgh…

      It’s been a while since we’ve met indeed! Of course, I do hope that we meet again and that you are doing well up there 🙂

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