Hello world!

Hello world! (that’s what we always had to type in beginning programming classes)

If you manage to read this, congratulations! We’ve made it! Marina’s Bloggariffic has migrated to a new home. While I still have about 3 more weeks with the old host, but then I thought to myself, “Why wait?” and went ahead and moved last weekend.

As it takes up to 48 hours for the nameserver and DNS to stabilize, it was pretty wonky the past few days, which was why the blog kept switching back and forth from the old template to the new. It was so intermittent to the point that I couldn’t even log in, so I pretty much just let it do its thing.


I’m currently using budgethosting, recommended by my friend, Ed Rowan Lee. So far, so good. The person that has been handling my account has been really helpful and professional. I’m currently paying 30 SGD hosting + 15 SGD domain yearly, so it’s a lot more economical compared to my previous hosting.Β In fact, I could probably cover the hosting with adsense come next year, making this site self sufficient.

I’m not sure if the package is enough for me for the moment, but lets see for now. At this point of time, I’m uploading about 8 years of material online and am already hitting 25% of my 5GB space.


I’m still a little upset that at this point of time that for my previous host, new users get to pay 3.95 USD a month while longtime users like me are charged 7.99 USD a month (I kid you not) It doesn’t seem fair but ah well, onwards and upwards!

I guess I should apologize for tricking a lot of you into thinking that I’m quitting from blogging, but I’m surprised that no one picked up on how I worded my previous post. I think I wrote something like, “As I have no intention of renewing with bluehost, my last post here will be on the 25th November.” “Here” meaning bluehost, not the blog. You’ve been pranked! Hehehe! Aren’t I a sly one? πŸ˜›

There is still a lot of tidying up to do and I anticipate broken links and missing pictures when I load the archives, but do make yourself comfortable as we settle in. And thank you so much for sticking with me all these years, my dear bloggariffic family! You’re awesome! I extend a hand to you, and lets go on to our future adventures! πŸ™‚

P.s I’m really digging this new plugin by wordpress called Jetpack. It’s awesome! You could could do stuff like embed social media sharing, set mobile theme, set contact form and what nots. While previously I had to install a separate plugin for each. So beautiful!

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    1. Thanks Anna! Hug!

      I just checked it on my phone. I do like how it looks like. So nice and clean πŸ™‚

      Totally love this plugin, I don’t have to much at all! Hehe

    1. Yup! And I’ve just gone through over 90 pages of archives … so many broken links …-_-

      And going through old posts … some of them are so corny, can’t believe I ever wrote them … hehe. Ah! To be young!

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