It’s always sad when someone, excited about an idea tries to nurture it, but doesn’t work out in the end. What’s even sadder is when you’ve built a community, and they will lose another form of communication and another way to keep their memories with them. A couple of examples that I can think at the top of my head are Geocities, yahoo galleries, and ecircles just to name a few.

And in a couple of days, will be closing their doors.

How shall I describe 12seconds? I guess it was kind of like twitter, but instead of texts, it uses short videos. And you can ramble about anything you like, and it’s fine because well, it was just 12 seconds and you don’t feel like you’ve wasted too much time

I joined 12seconds a couple of years back when Jerrick recommended me to join. This was my first video back in November 2008 :

I still remember the moment recording it. I was just back from my yoga session and sitting in my old room in Singapore. There were loads of decorated boxes around me, personally handmade by me for the upcoming wedding ceremony in about a month time. There was even a gluegun on top of my touchsmart computer that was to be shipped to Italy!

And seeing all that just made me reminisce.

One of the things that I quite like 12seconds is mainly because I could upload anything I wanted by webcam, uploading from a camera or from the mobile phone. The community in there were civil and non judgemental, so we were all feel free to be silly and we didn’t really care. Indeed, I’ve never seen any flamings at all!

At the beginning of this year, I tried to be a little more active in participating. And like foursquare, 12seconds had a ladder that when you reach it, you get a badge. These are some of the badges that I’ve unlocked. I tried to unlock the consequence video badge. I almost reached the 48 days, but I missed one day and went back to zero and then I just couldn’t be bothered to continue any-more

But one of the easiest way to get a badge was to post videos regularly and it wasnt difficult to do, especially when they have daily challenge questions. The site will pose a question, and you give your response and if other viewers liked it, they could vote for you. It was actually quite fun to participate.

And while you could think of and upload videos with topics you want to talk about, it was nice to have this 12erator which generated interesting questions too in case you cannot think of anything. Many of them make pretty good blog topics and here were a couple of them :

And one of the things that I appreciated from 12seconds what that it allowed embedded videos that can be viewed directly on my site. I’ve been using that on my sidebar to replace my rss image widget update from my posterous account. It worked for a while, but since December 2009, it just stopped working.

But what a shame that all of these won’t last because 12seconds is closing on this Friday, the 22nd November. I’m in seesmic at the moment, but its just not the same!, its been fun and thank you for all the memories. Take care and best of luck, Sol Lipman and David Beach

Sidenote : By the way, did anyone realise that today is 20102010? :p

4 Replies to “Remembering”

    1. I guess in a way it is since you could upload video, record from webcam and watch other user’s recording. Biggest difference is that youtube has a 15 minute limit while 12seconds, well 12 seconds :p

      Youtube also doesnt have badges, and daily challenges and random question generator

  1. WOW! I knew a lot of the gang were broken up over 12s closing, but I think you take the gold medal. I have noticed that a lot of the 12s regulars are sprucing up YouTube accounts. (I backed into mine when I had to become a “member” to leave comments; I couldn’t stand not to pretty it up once I had my name on it.) Will you be participating, or have you done so already and I just haven’t noticed?

    1. Oh I’m already in youtube, except that I use it more for uploading my edited and slightly polished (just slightly) videos :p

      12seconds is an outlet for me to be silly and not to think too much about people trolling around 🙂

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