Woke up to a sore neck

Woke up on Saturday morning to a sore neck. Just turning my head hurts so much that I had to move very slowly. Even so, there were still sharp pains.

So annoying!

I’ve no idea what happened. Could it be my sleeping position or could it be this?

Rinaz Sore Neck

Rinaz Sore Neck

Rinaz Sore Neck

Rinaz Sore Neck

Rinaz Sore Neck

Thankfully, the pains were completely gone by Sunday. Maybe I should lock stickrinaz in the drawer just in case.

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6 Replies to “Woke up to a sore neck”

  1. It’s really cute! I hope you will not get the sore again. I really dislike the soreness feeling. 🙁
    If I may suggest, it’ll be cute-er if the expression of stickrinaz can look more worried, esp after running over you. 😛

  2. Sylv

    I think she didn’t mean it though, since she probably couldn’t see Monster Rinaz very well 😛


    It was such a pain the entire Saturday, I couldn’t move my neck without feeling ouch!

    Feeling better now thankfully. I hope the pain in the neck doesn’t come back!


    Oh, that’s a fantastic idea! Haha, I didn’t think of that before. Also I am a little bit lazy 😛

    But I’ll do what you suggest the next time 😀

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