rinaz and the chocolate factory

A tale of the chocolate monster
A tale of the chocolate monster

p.s Thank you Snack Monster, I wuvs you! 😀

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  1. Tini

    I like the strawberry ones. They taste even more satisfying than Pocky. Its a chocolate biscuit then coated with cream and coated again with strawberry. Wooooh!


    Still have about 4 boxes (?) with me 🙂 Hehehehehe


    I’ve got a family of monsters, so I am sure they can be finished 🙂 Hehehehe

  2. fwah! looks like ur haul was better than mine! i cldn’t get any fran strawberry then, but i can imagine how fantastic it is. i cldn’t stop eating the choc ones. ^_^

    glad to spread the meiji love! 😀

    hohoho, looks like we’re all snack monsters here…

  3. Hi,

    Thats a cool software you’ve got. Took your recommendation and tried it out on my daughter’s blog (She’s like 17 days old, so her mummy and I’ll be doing the updating for a while).

    We just love the results.

  4. Hi there….I have tried to vote for your blog and signed myself in order to vote you but I don’t think I did it right, it did not appear, I’ll try again.

    From England with Love

  5. Snack Monster

    Ooh the strawberry ones are now my favourite one among the different flavours. I love it better than the original version even … Oooh!

    I paid about $40 for the seven boxes of chocolate. Oh my goodness, I really went crazy, I just grabbed what was in front of me without calculating the total cost.

    I’ll NEVER do that again. I realised that I bought too much when I couldnt fit everything in my scooter box. But I’m happy to report that the chocolates are almost finishing 🙂 I’ve got about a box left to consume since I’ve given them most to friends (who were more than happy to have them, hehehe)


    Aww … Nada is so small and so tiny. How precious 🙂


    Oh wow! Thank you for the vote! It got through! 🙂 Yay!!! *hugs you!!!* Thank you so much!!! *dances around*

  6. Every friday 12 – 3pm at the Meiji Seika Chocolate factory 🙂 They clear out the nearly expiring chocolates. Which are actually still fine to eat :]

  7. Hehehe … Go go go. Lovely chocolates!

    Each pack of Meiji Fran Extra costs $3.15 each. Since I bought 7 boxes, and each box has 8 packets inside, I could have paid $176.40 outside the factory! I paid about $40 on that day.

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