rinaz is a chair killer

Next time I’ll tie the freaking thing on myself

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  1. Aiyooo… lucky you are OK and in good condition. Waah… I thought only the err uncles used scooters to transport big objects? When I was in Vietnam, I saw people carry kitchen sinks (literally) while travelling on their mopeds!

  2. Hisyam

    I can only draw stickman, I dont think I am skilled enough to start a comic 😛


    My friend bought me a new one to replace that one. But my heart still pain because I liked that chair. It was the one *I* chose … :S

    Hmmm the exam notes chair sounds interesting 😉


    Sit on the scooter? I think its abit too wobbly for me! As much as I like my chair, I dont think I want to risk my life 😛 Chairs are replacable, rinaz is not 😛


    Its not that large, its actually just the seat itself because thats the part that I cracked, rather than buying a complete chair, I just bought the seat … hehehe

    Sinks? My goodness … HOW??

    I’ve seen pics of people carrying huge things overseas, I’ve even seen people *here* carrying pipes longer than their bikes, however do they do it? *impressive*

  3. Arzhou

    Stickfigures are so easy to do, I’m sure you can do it 🙂


    I dont think this story is scandalous enough for stomp 😛


    Sha already suggested for me to sit on my pile of notes … hahaha! Makeshift chair 😀

    Putera Emas

    Yeah, lucky there is no tp. But my heart felt as smashed as the chair was when I saw it go down by many cars 🙁

    Cute pink bunny

    But the delivery charges for Ikea is 50 dollars … the chair is less than half the price of that … it isnt mathematically sound to have delivery charges 😛 Hehehehe


    Thats true, I could have asked Ms Loi, but the question is, would Ms Loi be free to go with me? 🙂

    Su Yuen

    Thanks! But the truth is, I’m horrible at drawing, I can only draw stickrinaz! 😀

    Stickrinaz tends to appear in when rinaz is really stressed out … :]


    Aww … but how is santa going to deliver the chair? HDB flats has no chimneys, so it’ll probably drop from the nth storey and end up being smashed anyways 😛

  4. 11/30/2007

    Sorry to hear your close friend was broken and that the replacement was also broken after your hard work of finding the one you wanted!

    The good thing is you or omeone else did not get hurt!

    Thank you for pointing me to further reading about??? 😉 !


  5. Yanni

    Thanks but I have a new one to replace it already. I complained to my friend and she helped to get me a new one 🙂


    Oh yes, as much as I’m really sad that my chair was broken, better it than me! Chairs can be replaced but not lives …

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