How I spent April Fools day

I went for a check up at the clinic on Monday. I was healthy, fit and fine.

The next day, I find myself with a fever and sore throat. Turns out, I picked up a bug at the clinic and I had to go to the doctors again.

rinaz and her drugs

This must be life’s little ironies. April fool indeed 😛

7 Replies to “How I spent April Fools day”

  1. its the in thing now to get throat infection. like everyone in my school is getting it. and the worst is, this throat infection is such an energy drainer…

    it made me sleep for 2 days whole… sigh…

  2. CC

    Um … better avoid sitting in that bus when you’re not sick then 😛


    Bwahahaha! But you’re right, I was pretty high the past week after consuming those drugs that I had pretty interesting vision in my dreams


    I don’t think I’d have a sore throat if it wasn’t for that unfortunate infection at the clinic 😛

    But poor you … being sick isn’t much fun


    Huh? Who?

  3. Dear rinaz,
    Oh dear, do take good care yea? Have lots of rest and take plenty of fluids.

    I pray that you’ll get well soon. *hugs*

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