Beautiful Jurong Lake Park

After weeks and weeks of rain, it was finally a beautiful evening out and I decided to cycle to the beautiful Jurong Lake Park.

Click here to view in youtube

Updated :

To get here, you could take the Mrt to Lakeside and then take the bus 30, 154 or 240

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  1. wah!!!!
    u so luki
    i din knw Jurong Lake Park is TAT HUGE!!!!
    nw u make an eastern side gal wan to move to JURONG….
    btw, hw do i gt there?
    n oso wot is e title of e song played in tis vid?

  2. Lysa

    Hehehe … Its much bigger than what I’ve shown, there’s some parts which I didnt filmed which is on the other side of the park. Come come, come to Jurong. Is one of best places in Singapore. You’ll see 😉

    To get here you could take the train to lakeside mrt station and then take a stroll there. Doesnt take more than 15 mins of easy walking. You cant miss it, there’s a huge lake as you approach the train station.

    The music that I’ve put in the vid clip is my favourite song from the Piano dreamers collection. The song is called “Gone” By Jim Chappell. I think its the most beautiful piano song I’ve ever heard.


    Hehe yeah. I’ve been here all my life, so it has a very special place in my heart 🙂

  3. I’ve been there a few times to jog and just hang out but I guess I didn’t explore it completely because some parts of the vid look unfamiliar. But yeah, I love how the first part of the vid shows how beautiful the day and the park is. Fitting song too!

  4. Wow, a beautiful place filled with the serenity of nature, I didn’t even know such a place existed in S’pore.. =p Yes, it’s indeed huge, thanks for recommendation, it’s a good place to ponder, reflect, do some soul-searching and just admire the beauty of nature. =)

    Will certainly head down there someday. =)

  5. Miza

    A whole lot has changed in Jurong park since its renovation. There’s new playgrounds and stations everywhere. The roads and everything else is upgraded 🙂


    There are loads of nice parks in Singapore! Another nice park is farrer park, its along the road by the ymca in dhoby ghaut. Its very lovely. Even couples use the backdrop for their wedding shots 🙂

  6. Lysa

    Uh … whats so insightful about a park? Hehehe … I think you meant to post this in the netcasting presentation post, right? 😛


    Dont forget to pop in Japanese/Chinese garden 🙂 Its gorgeous in there. Its just nice to spend time with a picnic basket just enjoying the lake and the structure and the serenity 🙂

  7. helo marina.
    i wen to jurong lake on e wkends
    e air is so fresh n e breeze is suuper!
    it felt lik e nov/dec likdat considerin hw hot e weather is NWADYS….
    thnks 4 e tip, if nt i neva knw hw to EVA gt there
    n i took loooots of pics, wen to e lakeside gdns, e chinese n jap gdns bt e plc too big, i cnt finish touring it all, had to come back another dae, DEFINITELY!

  8. Lysa

    Nice and breezy, thats how loads of parks are. Jurong Lakeside area is lovely for walks and strolls and cycling. Not to mention jogging too 🙂 Hehehe

    Oh, if you’re going to the chinese gardens, dont forget to bring a picnic basket. Its really nice to spend time with people there! And just sit and chill at the stone garden or near the koi pond. The fishes there are huge!

    Its just a relaxing place there. I love it.

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