Spot the difference

I was rather facinated by the new advertisment that KFC had for its new meal.

The ad said this. Looks really good doesnt it?

The new KFC OR Chicken Chop. Prepared with 11 herbs and spices, topped with of specialty made mushroom gravy. With delicious raisin coleslaw and golden crinkle cut fries.

Excitedly, I headed to a chain after work and and I got this

I dont fancy the fries. And my raisin coleslaw? It has only 3 miniscule raisins in it and the specialty mushroom gravy is just the mashed potato gravy with sliced mushrooms on top.

To be fair, the chicken is rather nice, being juicy and crispy. But I wouldnt eat it with the gravy and the whole experience was something left to be desired – it isnt something I’d really want eat again.


Have you eaten the new KFC meal? And have you ever been glossed over by an advertisment but got jaded after getting it?

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  1. heya, i linked u back! XD

    yeah, they made the advert look so good right? i was a bit amused that their special gravy was really only the mashed potato kuah with some measly mushrooms added in. >.< oh well. wont be rushing there to eat it anytime soon. *pats considerable tummy*

  2. Myztika : Thats why! Its so special, right? Might as well get the two piece chicken ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m thinking of having packed food from home …

    Raimie : Yeah .. Only plastic fork and knife … How come ah? ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. Cook for me KFC lorrs. xP

  4. It’s a pretty well known fact thatany ad for fast food always makes the product look better than how it is actually served, like McDonald’s “Big and Tasty” cheeseburger looks amazing on the ad but looks pretty slapped together in the box. Ah well.

  5. Yeah, but alot of people in general (like me, included) still get suckered up to buy them ๐Ÿ˜› Hehehehe. I dont eat McD’s anymore though … There’s something inside it that doesnt make me feel well.

  6. Me too. Like the past 4 years or so.. most of the big name burger places make me ill after. I think they are putting something really really really unhealthy in them now.. instead of just really really unhealthy. they had to just PUSH it!


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