Get here if you can

Not quite a podcast. But the song really touched me and since I love to karaoke … Lets sing together!


Dedicated to my dearest cartcart 🙂

And uh … I have no regrets … I have no professional training.

8 Replies to “Get here if you can”

  1. Must be a Singaporean top pastime to karaoke – but to be honest, its intolerable when people karaoke at full blast : Ack!

    Where do you karaoke?

    And SI? Erm … I’d have to give it a pass since I dont fit the image they want 😛

  2. yea, when i karaoke at home, it’s so soft that u can’t hear me from outside my house! heehee. too shy la. dunno how those pple with no singing talent can bring themselves to show loudly how dismal their singing is. =p

    i never karaoke outside, save for once at kbox. their selection of songs is pathetic. not to mention that i prefer singing malay/indon songs (the melodies nicer!), and that i dun have any malay kakis to sing with! 🙁

    maybe one day we can Karaoke together aye? 😉 tho ur ears may bleed from the sheer atrocity that is my singing, heh.

  3. Hehehe … thats why! Perhaps they arent aware that they cant sing well … or maybe they actually think that they sing well … or perhaps they actually want to torture us on purpose … 😐

    Yes! Maybe we can karaoke together 🙂 I dont think my ears will bleed, oh come on! 🙂

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