I not stupid, hor!

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Got me a free movie ticket (yay!) and we watched I not stupid 2 at the Jurong East Entertainment complex.

Touching movie, a tad bit contrived and unrealistic in many of the scenes but overall, it was a good show. Guaranteed to be a tear jerker.

I especially liked the conversation between the little boy and his dad, when the little boy was found out stealing some money. I also liked the open dialogue interview with people during the intermission.

Good movie.

It was so good that I fell down the cinema stairs while rushing to go to the toilet at the end of the show. Beautiful purple bruises on my thigh …

3 Replies to “I not stupid, hor!”

  1. thank you thank you…hehe 🙂

    eh eh i oso want to watch this one, mcm best gitu, especially when the boys got beaten up and punish…kesian man…

  2. Hehehe, thanks for the concern Leigh. I’m fine, the huge bruise is healing fine, well it doesnt hurt so much when I poke it 😐 Cinemas and airport and clubs are evil for having narrow stairs!

    Pnii! Watch, is good 🙂 I guarantee that you’ll cry 🙂 Tak nak pun, boleh tunggu sampai DVD datang hehehe

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