May I have your support please?

Thanks for all the wellwishes. The family is doing fine. Quite a few things to ponder about these few days. *hugs to all*

A slow and lazy day today, didn’t do much except for a bit of housework and other mundane things. An easy Sunday. Initially, I wanted to blog about the typical Singaporean sunday morning. How families would stroll about their nearest hawker center or coffee shop to have breakfast together.

I love hearing the morning chatter from the throngs of people that come around as well as the ever moving stallholders who are busy preparing their food and drinks. I ordered a national favourite, the Roti Prata along one of my favourite drinks, Teh Halia (Ginger Tea).

Didn’t take any pictures though. Really wasnt in the mood to ask for permission from the stallholders for a picture.

Anyway, my prata and the accompanying curry was still wonderfully piping hot when I reached home to eat it. I’m sure my dearest would love a Singaporean breakfast. It’s such a treat!

Anyhow, being a little anti social, I spent the entire day cooped up in my room doing nothing but silly internet stuff.

Didn’t even touched my uncompleted flash animation :

Like neopets. I don’t know what got into me that possesed me to play neopets after a hiatus of many years.

I started playing in 2001 after seeing some kids playing it in the computer lab. Curious to know what the appeal was, I started. It didn’t take me long to get addicted to it. The games were nice, and the activities there were engrossing. I liked taking care of my pet. And this was what he used to look like.

My lupez2k

He doesnt look like that anymore though because of my persistant laboratory experiments on him.

I have to admit that although it has absolutely no value in the real world, I’m quite proud of the so called achivements that I’ve done on neopets. Yes, its childish. But look!


And look!

A high level pet

And I’m quite proud of my paintbrush collection

Anyhow, I stopped playing neopets because of the fact that Neopets took away a lot of the games that I liked and changed a lot of the activities there. It just took away alot of the fun-factor for me. Moreover there was a sheer amount of advertising in it. Every page had at least two banners. Finally I lost interest in it eventually.

Later on in the afternoon, I tried to learn a bit of Italian with this wonderful software called The Rosetta Stone Language Learning Software. Unlike other language softwares that I’ve encountered, this one’s easy to learn. You pick the picture that describes the text.

Il toro calcia l’uomo. The bull kicks the man. Easy.

But when it starts getting to this bit here

Uhh … go left. Go right. No go left. Turn behind. No no no … turn around three times and click your shoes and wish for no other place but home. This is hard!

I had to stop that software for the moment. It was much too confusing for me. Anyway, I came this podcast a few days ago and though that it was quite interesting. It was about a man’s encounter in Italy and how his language learning came in handy.

Later on, I logged in Secondlife for a little bit to say hi to an old friend, Duo. He showed me his dance floor. I must say, that it looked groovalicious 🙂

Rinaz Bijoux hits the dancefloor!

Totally unrelated to today’s post, I thought I’d also include one of my mini obsession.

It started in 1913 when a Lady called Mary Phelps Jacob created this using two silk handkerchiefs and a ribbon. And since then, it has evolved to many wonderful designs. Some curious and some amazing.

What I am talking about, ladies and gentlemen is the wonderful brassiere.

One of my latest buys and the entire set costs only $50 SG dollars!

It’s funny how I used to be embarrassed to step in any lingerie shop but now, friends would sometimes be frustrated when I stop by my favourite Minoshe shop and won’t step out till hours later.

I love Minoshe for its cheaper price and the regularly updated designs. A bra and panty set usually costs less than $30. Which I think is awesome. I’d never buy expensive undies any more.

I had an unpleasant experience of buying a bra from an established lingerie shop. It was kind of expensive but it didn’t last very long.  After a while, it tore and wasn’t good any-more.

See, just as pretty as any Victoria’s Secrets 🙂

I love the different colours. A lot of pink ones lately.

Some of my newer buys. Couldn’t help it when Minoshe had a promotion – Buy two get one free. 3 sets for under 60 dollars.

While I don’t normally wear lacy stuff, I couldn’t help but to get this adorable one. It looks so sweet. I don’t quite fancy the ribbon on the panty but I can cut it away I guess.

And lately I’ve been quite paranoid about my lingerie by the fact that I only hand-wash them and hanging them separately. They always get missing if they are left to be washed in the machine. I don’t know why but since one of my nicer ones got missing, I didn’t want to take a chance any more.

Still, for some of the lovely designs from Minoshe, sometimes they do come out with odd designs.

I thought it was really ugly. The only reason why I got it is because I liked the black chemise that came along with it.

Okay, time to get back to trying to understand heads and tails to what the Rosetta stone software is trying to teach me. Till the next time 🙂

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  1. Very nice blog and I enjoy reading! Makes me miss the times I have spent in Singapore!! Singapore is hands down one of my favorite places 🙂

    Thanks also for visiting my photoblog!

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