Err …

Me as a teenager

Friend : You studied at Jurong Institute?! You MUST know Soandso! She studies there!

Me : Err …

Me now

Friend : You live in Rome now?! You MUST be familiar with Hotel L’Albergo!

Me : Err

One Reply to “Err …”

  1. hrm, you were from JI!?!?! that’s rare to start with, haha “open the windows, open the minds..” hahaha, and then JI was no more 🙂

    hello, I randomly found your site while hunting down Lum May Yee’s song “My one and only” – seems like you’re the only other person I have seen (other than a couple in the forum) who likes that song! I am just wondering if you have LMY’s version of that song? I lost mind when my hdd died 🙁 the old ipod that had that song is also long dead… so internet hasn’t been very helpful, seeing the age of the song.

    if you do have the song.. is it a hard ask to ask you to send it to me? 🙂 thanks so much!


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