Playing host (part 4)

It was a Sunday, hence Cart and I decided to take our guests to Porta Portese first thing in the morning. Porta Portese is a flea market which opens from morning till early afternoon only on Sundays. You could get practically anything here, from clothes to furniture. We even spotted out some Italian adult comics

We then made a quick stop at Pasteccerie Giovanni Cecere which is a pastry shop full of wonderful confectioneries. I had such a heavenly cream cone. The crust was extremely light and the cream was luscious but not have a thick feeling.

Sigh. I want more. It was so good, I forgot to take a video of us trying them out!

We then took the tram and took a quick detour to Largo Argentina (Not sure why it’s named that way, where there a lot of Argentinians here previously?) There is a cat sanctuary here and since Daphne and Serene are animal lovers (And Nick is a super talented animal photographer) we went to take a look.

There is a very strong smell here (Kind of like Janet‘s kitty litter but 10 times stronger) but if one is a cat lover, one just tolerates it! Because there are so many pretty cats here! I almost didn’t want to leave. There was even one orange cat which looked very much like Nadnut’s baby boy

We then did a quick stop at Cafffè Camerino (the 3 f’s are not a typo!) and then to the Pantheon, walked along the streets to reach the Spanish steps (it was raining by then unfortunately) so we stopped in Macdougals in the hopes that the rain would subside.

Daphne seems nonplussed

We then went to probably the best known monument in Rome, the Colosseo.

We were quite lucky even though there were a large number of people queueing up to enter, we managed to wait for only about 15 minutes or so. It is extremely grand inside and it made me wish I could be able to visualise what the colosseum looked like when it was newly built. Cart said that it was originally covered in marble. Woah ….

We then walked to the Roseto comunale in Circo Massimo. But unfortunately for us … It was closed on that day!

And here is Daphne and Serene posting updates on their facebook profiles about it.

But nevertheless, we took the chance to walk to the Orange Gardens where we were rewarded by the most beautiful sight.

A glorious sunset. Wah, so romantic. A perfect making out scene … ahem

And after spending time in the piazza, we finally headed back home to fill ourselves up with a nice bowl of home made minestrone!

Check out some of the interesting things we spotted in the video below

Music by Gemarc – Diario di famiglia

Sidenote : I just noticed in the video that someone screamed potato chips and I gasped … That was so random

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  1. Ah! I just realized, next time if you see those Italian adult comics, see who the artist is. I forget the name but it should start with “Milo” for he’s a VERY good artist besides for adult comics, his paintings are pretty pretty.

    1. You’re absolutely right, the comic I bought was from Milo Manara. I’ve watched his live drawing on youtube and I thought he was so talented! His drawing was so meticulous like he know how to use each stroke, which direction to go and everything was perfect.


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