Playing host (part 3)

The next day, after having a quick breakfast, we planned on going to Saint Peter’s Square. However, since we were on our way, we did a quick stop to … Tony’s Gelateria!

This is one of my favourite gelateria …  I love pretty much all of the flavours here and in my opinion, no trip to Rome will be complete without eating one of this! 

And then we continued to our journey to Piazza San Pietro. Being a Saturday, the place was really crowded with people, moreover with the recent beatification of the former Pope John Paul II.

There were busses all around IN the square – something that I’ve never seen before. The entry to the basilica was really long, and so we decided to visit the Vatican museum first.

There are so many things to see here at the Vatican Museum – You can see statues, artwork on the walls and ceilings, as well as contemporary art from Botero and Salvatore Dali! I’d recommend all visitors coming here to wear comfortable walking shoes – to see everything here needs at least 4km of walking! I kid you not!

It was so tiring! But we still had to head back to San Pietro to see the basilica … And here is Daphne and Nick posing in Piazza San Pietro.

Luckily, there wasn’t such a long line by this time and we were able to get inside pretty quickly and we were able to see a live mass going on.

By the time we were finished, the sun was still out, and it was a lovely day, so I thought that we should spend the remaining daylight on the open bus. Moreoever, it was a chance to rest our feet for a bit

We managed to spot out two couples getting married while on the bus, what luck! I was amused when some of the other passengers on the bus started to cheer out loudly, their congratulations.

By the way, since the day was 18th May, which was an international Museum day and entrance would be free, so we planned to go to one of the museums, however the line was scarily long (you can see it in the video later) and we had to abandon the idea.

But anyway, we ended the evening in Trastevere where we had dinner and walked around to see the night street performers

And then when we reached home I had to soak my poor aching feet in hot salt water!

Check out my video montage!

Music by Walter Mazzaccaro – People in the beach

Tomorrow we’ll see Italian pussies

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  1. hahah i just had to laugh watching the video! 🙂 so many fun moments and funny expressions captured on video. thanks, rinaz!

    (and the funniest expression was my “so-stuffed-i’m-gonna-die” look after we had dinner) … haha.

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