You’re so irritating

Keep in mind that original conversation was in Italian.

I’m really quite annoyed because though I’ve a long way to go before becoming fluent in italian, I’m not that incomprehensible! Its frustrating and sometimes I wonder if people just pretend not to understand me when I speak Italian.

At least have the courtesy to listen to me and try to understand what I’m trying to say before cutting me off. Urgh.

At least this this guy was amused at my attempt to speak italian.

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8 Replies to “You’re so irritating”

    1. Yeah, but I thought that everyone knew “se”. I mean come on, its not that high level Italian : Se fossi cucinare 3 piatti …

      There are probably grammatical mistakes there, but I’m sure you’d get the hypothetical sentence right?

  1. Are you sure that this “misunderstanding” is related to the fact that italian is not your native language? I tell you this because in here I often meet people who are simply not interested in listening and understanding the others, no matter how do they spek a language..

    1. Urgh, what do you do with these type of people then? I’m slowly becoming the “whatever!” type of person. Tired already trying to talk to people who don’t want to listen.

  2. well i supposed she’s more of the “yes / no” kind of person and doesn’t get the “maybe or if” kind of answers.

    no doubt it can be annoying but they probably never know how to deal with such conversations or sentences. *pat pat rinaz*

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