Ever noticed that embassies are always in posh areas?

Have you ever noticed that embassies, regardless of which country it is representing, are always located in the rich-people’s area?

For example, this is the Malaysian Embassy in Rome.


I was here some months ago to visit their food fair. Looks quite palatial isnt it? The insides is quite grand too. And it is located in a posh looking area of Nomentana, and all throughout the street was lines of other embassies, museums, universities and the likes.

But you dont have to travel all the way to Rome, since its practically the same in other countries – check out the Thai or the Japanese or the Australian or any other Embassy in Singapore. They are all located in posh places!

Yes, yes. I’m probably the last to realise this. But to be fair, before meeting Cart, I didn’t really had the need to go to embassies.

But anyway, I was out with Cart during the weekend to get me my Italian books for the new semester at La Feltrinelli Internazionale. which is around Piazza Repubblica, which is a nice area to explore and has the most orgasmic dessert shoppe nearby.

I am a little ambitious this semester – taking two levels at the same time and am already feeling a little overwhelmed.

The amount of Italian textbooks I have in a span of 2 years

Oh! Speaking of Italian, I really have a rant about “speaking Italian to people who pretends not to understand you” which I think I’ll write about more this friday. Anyways! Cart and I decided to take a walk around the area. We passed by a church, and then a very long line of people queuing to watch a movie premiere and then we stumbled upon the American Embassy.


And with the sun about to set, glowing in the golden rays, it heightened the poshness of the building. And all through the street, were lines and lines of luxury hotels such as the Westin Excelsior, and elegant looking restaurants. Naturally, I walked over to look at the prices to see if they match up with the ones at Alfredo


Cart was telling me of how during the 60’s, this particular road was frequented by loads of actors and actresses and was the place to be to be seen at the time. You could see personalities such as Anita Ekberg, Federico Fellini and Marcello Mastroianni (Not be confused by this guy) driving by. It must have been extremely glamorous back then.

By the way, these three personalities were the star of the acclaimed, La Dolce Vita.

Ok, I have to be honest here, though I havent watch the movie, moreoever, the scene is kind of annoying to me with Anita  acting so bimboishly and Marcello following her around like an enamoured puppy. Its just too much. Bleargh.

Nevertheless, it does ooze glamour, and I like seeing the scenery and spotting out the landmarks that I’ve been to.


Makes me kinda sad that all we Singaporeans have here in Rome is a small consulate (which isn’t even run by Singaporeans, I have to add)

Sidenote : I spotted this along the road. What’s this all about?


“These magnets are extremely expensive. At least 8 euro”

Reverse Psychology?

3 Replies to “Ever noticed that embassies are always in posh areas?”

  1. i think perhaps not many singaporeans in italy, hence no need for an embassy? Heh. A consulate office offers pretty much the same services as an embassy right? Just tht it doesnt hv an ambassador. Hehe.

    P.s. Ur ‘About Me’ section still says tht u live in Singapore. 😛 dah dua tahun eh. Lol

    1. Well, there is an ambassador for Italy-Singapore. And speaking of the consulate, many of my counterparts has mentioned that they are lacking in service. In any case, I don’t see much form of communication in both departments.

      And my about me section, which part do you mean? It seems fine to me.

  2. I gotta agree. The Indonesian embassy in Singapore is located at Chartsworth road, away from the main road. Took about 15 minutes (at least) to walk inside. Then when you’ve reached the place, you’ll see it’s surrounded by landed homes with cars. Made me feel poor. Bah.

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