My first time inline skating!

Despite it being the monsoon season, it was an amazingly beautiful day.

East Coast Park - Sand Castle

Last Sunday, I spent the day with my extended family at East Coast Park for a family picnic. It was a really fun afternoon being with the family and surrounded with good eats like freshly grilled chicken wings :

East Coast Park - Grilled Chicken

and these yummilicious cupcakes made by my cousin :

East Coast Park - Cupcakes

Later in the afternoon, I chanced upon an inline skating rental kiosk. Having always wanting to try inline skating out, I told myself to stop procrastinating and that it is now or never. I gave it a try even though I had practically no skating experience at all.

My brother and my mum was game enough to join me. We headed to the kiosk and sat gingerly and had our skating shoes being fitted for us. My goodness, it was super tight! I can feel the shoes biting into my ankles. With the shoes strapped on, I could not even flex my feet.

East Coast Park - Trying to put on my skates

Putting on the shoes was daunting enough. Trying to move around was another thing itself! I could get up fine enough, but up to that point, I did not know how to move forward! Several times I find myself automatically moving backwards.

East Coast Park - Trying to put on my skates

Mum could not even get up. This was her first time skating too and she was not used to having wheels on her feet. Shelly, one of the instructors there, helped her to keep her balance and patiently coached her the basics of skating.

But after about half an hour struggling with her skates and feeling tired, mum gave up and retreated. Props to her for giving it a try though!

My brother on the other hand, having a little bit of experience with roller blading and ice skating was a little more confident. In fact, he even played the fool and had time to retrieve and pose with his motorcycle helmet!

East Coast Park - Is that a skating helmet or a motorcycle helmet?

And as for me? Well … this was what happened :

East Coast Park - rinaz is very tired

After the entire ordeal, I was feeling hot and was perspiring. My legs felt like jelly and I am very tired. But I’m still keen on learning how to inline skate. I’m considering the Sports Council since its closer to home but I just dont want to spend $300 for a new pair of roller blades!

Have you roller bladed before? What are your experiences?

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Sidenote : I went for aerobics for the first time with a blogger friend last week and I was almost dead at the end of the session! My friend didnt even broke a sweat!

7 Replies to “My first time inline skating!”

  1. Wah… I didn’t know blades cost so much! I tried it a few times before when my friend taught me, and yeah, all I can do is to move forward. I can’t get up after a fall, nor do any turns or braking, hehehehe. I must try again sometime. 🙂

  2. Nice~ try blending your kneel slightly more(and relax!) and body forward. Dont worry about falling, you are all geared up! If you do, try landing on your kneel guard. To get up, kneel on guard, stronger leg up first and then push yourself up.

    P.S. Your bro is funny with the helmet on.

  3. Jeslyn

    Err … But you dont have to always skate at East Coast Park right? Hehehe 🙂


    Woah … $360 for a pair of roller blades ….!!! *faints*


    You’re better than me, at least you could go forward, me … I keep going backwards … hehehe! Maybe I should stand backwards to go to my destination 😉


    Yeay, ok, but not these next few weeks though. Its my ehem time 😀


    Wow, thanks for the tips 🙂 I’ll try to remember them the next time I go roller blading. I tried getting down the way as you said, but its quite painful on my ankles as the shoes really bit me when I try to bend.

    I think thats the only negative part from me so far.

    p.s. My bro is completely insane. Hehehehe

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