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Updated : As of end October 2008, Zingdo no longer operates at Jurong Entertainment Center.

Zingdo - Singapore

My colleague, Zarina and I decided to head to Jurong East and we wandered around, wondering what to have for lunch. And thats where I suggested to have lunch at Zingdo.

I ate here for the first time last year when they were newly opened and already I enjoyed eating the food here.

The Place

Located in Jurong East Entertainment, it will be hard to miss this place. The bright orange décor makes it a prominent and cheery place. Almost everything was orange. Right to the square wooden tables and stools that we were sitting on.

Zingdo - Singapore

The Service

When I first came here, I had to order and pay first at the counter. So I was a little surprised when the waitress, with her cute orange outfit and black apron ushered us inside and handed us the menu.

Nevertheless, the staff here were friendly and patient and were more than willing to explain to us what the different menu was and did recommendations based on what was popular there. Can you imagine having to serve people all day long answering the same questions again and again?

The Food

The manager tells me that they have just started on new menus since last week. I was pleasantly surprised to see more varieties on their menu. Previously, there was only a limited amount of food, whereas now, there were two full pages of them.

Zingdo - Singapore

The pictorial menu was helpful, although we still needed the waitress to explain to us what the food was as we were both not very familiar with Korean food.

Zingdo - Singapore

For appetizers, we had deep fried assorted mushrooms ($3.90) It might not look pretty in the picture, but believe me, it was good. It arrived hot and when we ate it, it was juicy and flavourful. It was so tasty and interestingly, tasted more like meat than mushroom.

Zingdo - Singapore

I had my favourite, hotplate beef bulgogi ($8.90) It arrived steaming hot and part of the fun about this meal was the tossing about the marinated meat and vegetables to cook. After about 10 mins of tossing, the meal would be ready to eat. The dish was accompanied by a bowl of rice an a bowl of lovely, kimchi soup.

Comparing it to the first time when I had this dish, I felt that the fare has dropped a little bit, mainly because the meat turned up a little raw. It would have been improved should the meat be cut more thinly.

Zingdo - Singapore

Zarina had a plate of Tang Hoon with seafood ($6.90) which is basically vermicelli and a variety of seafood on top of an omelette. I had this dish before and I liked how fresh and zesty the food was. It was light to the tongue. And yet, it was very filling. Zarina said that she enjoyed the meal a lot.

Here is a quick clip of our lunch :

In a nutshell

If you are anywhere in the West and is hankering to try something meaty, Zingdo will be a good choice.

Zingdo - Singapore


  • #01-15, Jurong East Entertainment Centre

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