Mega Bites Cafe – Generous Western Food

After trespassing a number of institutions, my consensus is that university students are very well fed.

Mega Bites Cafe - NUS, Singapore

Last friday, I joined Myztika, a fellow blogger for lunch at the newly opened Mega Bites Cafe at NUS.

It was not difficult to get there. Thanks to streetdirectory, I was able to find my way down to the science faculty in lower kent ridge road without any problems at all.

By the time I reached there, it was about 1pm. I met Myztika and after looking at the menu on top of the wall and made our decision on what to eat. I still craved for a nice plate of Chicken Chop, even after what had happened at NIE. Henceforth, I decided to get that, while Myztika ordered Chicken Cutlets.

Mega Bites Cafe - NUS, Singapore

We queued up and told our orders to the crew who will be preparing our food on the spot. Unfortunately for me, Chicken Chops was already sold out (so fast?!) so I had to settle for Fish and Chips. We paid at the other end of the counter.

Fish and Chips, Mega Bites Cafe - NUS, Singapore

At an affordable $3.90, my fish and chips was actually pretty good. It was nice and hot, well coated and wonderfully crispy and tasted fresh. The portions were very generous! It was much more than I anticipated that in the end, I could not finish my meal. I felt bad for being so wasteful.

The meal also came in a set with fries and coleslaw. As I don’t really fancy eating fries, I found them to be rather ordinary. But the mushroom soup which was nice and thick, which I quite enjoyed.

Chicken Cutlet, Mega Bites Cafe - NUS, Singapore

Myztika enjoyed her Chicken Cutlets, which like my set, came with fries, coleslaw and soup. It was her second time eating the chicken cutlets in a week, so I suppose that the chicken cutlets must be really good 🙂

Like my fish, the chicken were hot, being freshly cooked and crispy. The bbq sauce on top of the chicken was tangy and the portions were very generous. My eyes nearly popped out when I saw the amount of food on her plate. For this price, even hawker centers could not hold a candle!

In the end, both of us were extremely stuffed and satisfied. It was a pretty good meal.

Myztika, lets come here again! Next time, I would love to try their pizzas and hopefully if I’m lucky, a plate of chicken chop. Anyone wants to join us? 🙂

Here is a quick clip of our lunch :

Mega Bites Cafe - NUS, Singapore

Mega Bites Cafe

Other campus eats :

Sidenote : In about 12 more hours, he’ll be here. I cannot wait 🙂

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  1. You should try the fish & chips from the western food stall at BIZ canteen. Absolutely delicious. They are popular for most of their other western food too lah. Mega Bites is no doubt good value for money for an aircon cafeteria, but my chief complaint: They can’t keep up with lunch time crowd during school term.

  2. Wah… I have a severe case of gigglititis it seems. 😛

    And yes, let’s head down there to try the other stuff soon. The food there beats the craptastic food in NTU hands down. 😛

  3. Ophelia

    You could try to get there when monday comes 🙂 This is a good time to go since its the term holidays and there isnt as many students as usual 🙂

    I really want to try their pizza next. Looks yummy


    What to do, girls always try to watch their figure (even if unsuccessfully) Hehehe. I still want my chicken chop though!


    Maybe I’ll give it a taste if someone lets me. Its just that my standards for pasta is a little higher, so I tend not to eat pasta here … 😛

    Ok, ok. I’ll try not to be so biased 😛


    Considering that its the school holidays right now for me, its relatively ok for me since I have a scooter and can go around. Its nice to have a change as compared to eating regular hawker center fare 🙂

    BIZ canteen? Cool! I think its time to trespass even more places 😀


    I like the gigglititis 😀

    But erm … this NTU vs NUS rivalry … *steps far far away*

  4. hi hi!
    how’s life at shuqun?
    just came back from lunch at nus megabites.. really hungry, so had the combo set.. a piece of chicken chop, fried fish in batter, fries and a soup.. all for only $4.50! in the end, couldn’t finish the food..
    don’t try their tomato based pasta.. it’s too sweet! hubby had the seafood marinara.. so disappointed.. one mussel, 3 shrimps (not prawns), some sotong.. all drenched with the sweet sauce..
    their pizza looks good..
    SIM also has a megabites.. seems that the variety there is better.. saw a tv programme on channel u featuring the seafood pasta also.. comments from tasters also said that it’s sweet.. think must feedback to their management..
    next time we meet there for lunch?

  5. Hi kak rina

    missed those times when i’m based at kent ridge… cheap & good food…
    now at the bt timah campus.. food are so ex and tastewise.. it sucks…

    btw.. hey.. i think i saw you at IMM having dinner on xmas…. wanna know how i can spot u? cos i saw cartcart first… heheheh wanna go over to say hi but my 4 year old a bit cranky as she has fever and the little one in my tummy is not cooperating well either…

    guess we can always meet next time yah… maybe i shd ask marlena torkis along… ok kak.. anytime just email me yah!

  6. Mr Dew

    If I’m not wrong, SIM does have a Mega Bites there too 😀 Lets trespass there!


    I agree, shops close too early. They should extend to at least 11pm. After all, we work till about 6 and need a place to chill and relax. By the time we get ready and reach the place it would be about 8 and then we have to rush and not have a leisurely time because shops are closing at 8.30 already :S


    Its alot of portions right? I want to eat the chicken chop next time! Yum!

    Thing is, my pasta standard is a little high, so I dont dare to eat their pasta because I’d probably be disappointed 😛

    But yes, lets meet there for lunch during the holidays. Oh gosh, I cant wait!

    By the way, did you know that there is a halal pasta dine in at IMM? I’m going to do a review soon 😀

    How is life for you there? We miss you alot


    Oh gosh! You’re pregnant? What happy news! I hope your 4 year old is feeling better 🙂

    You saw us? Yes, we were having dinner at IMM. I just noticed that the place was halal and cart could eat there since there was vegetarian food too 🙂

    What a shame that we didnt get to meet. It would be so nice to see you after all these while. And Marlena too. Our girl guide days in BVSS are so memorable 🙂


    No problem 🙂


    Soon I hope 😉 Its worth it, trust me. Good food, affordable prices, who doesnt want?

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