K. Gourmet Cafe – An insiders secret to affordable food

After many trips to my work headquarters, I am surprised that I did not know about about this place sooner. The K Gourmet Cafe must be an insiders secret that there is even hardly any results from a search on google!

K Gourmet Cafe - Singapore

I was back at the HQ today to judge the finalists for a blog competition with my colleague Joy. It was noon when we ended and we decided to have lunch together with our other colleagues, Eka, Weilin and Rou Hui.

The Place

It was just a walking distance from Science Park II. We walked past a couple of condominium looking buildings which I found out later was the NUS hostels, and then we headed to a white nondescript looking building.

The inside revealed that it was already quite full of people whom were having their lunch. We waited for a moment for an empty table and I admired the surrounding scenery of the fountains as well as the bright, cheery and cosy interior of the cafe.

The Service

Being that we were there during lunch hour peak, the service was a tad slow. Nevertheless, the staff were friendly and hospitable. Impressively, despite the crunch, none of them appeared harried at all.

We queued up at the cash register to order what we wanted and paid for the food. There, I was most amazed when I saw the prices. The items here were pretty affordable. There isn’t even any service charge. I did not spend more than $10 for my food.

The Food

K Gourmet Cafe - Singapore

This was my grilled chicken pizza ($4.50) It was not the best pizza that I had but it was still pretty decent. I love that the crust was flat and the toppings were pretty succulent. The chicken was pretty juicy and the bell pepper and mushroom tasted fresh. I wish the dough was softer and warmer but really, for this price, I am not complaining 🙂

K Gourmet Cafe - Singapore

For drinks, I had ice lemon tea ($1.20) You can tell that this was home made as it was pulpy which I loved.

K Gourmet Cafe - Singapore

This was Joy’s fish and chips. It looks really good. When asked, the only issue that she felt that would make it better was if it arrived warmer and crispier.

K Gourmet Cafe - Singapore

This was Eka’s fried rice with fried chicken. The chicken looks appetizing doesn’t it? The fact that Eka finished the entire plate shows that she enjoyed her meal 🙂

K Gourmet Cafe - Singapore

And this was Rou Hui’s beef rice which he said was decent. Judging from the amount of meat on the plate, it looked like a hearty meal and filling meal.

K Gourmet Cafe - Singapore

And of course, seeing how affordable the place was, I could not help myself and bought dessert. Isn’t my ‘Last Man Standing’ ice cream colourful? My vanilla ice cream has a piece of wafer, slice of strawberry, sliced almond, sprinkles and even fudge! And its only $2! I am loving this place more and more 😀

I’m definitely coming to this place again.

Here’s a quick clip of our lunch :

K Gourmet Cafe - Singapore

K. Gourmet Cafe

  • 33 Prince George’s Park Residence (NUS)

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Sidenote : My exams are over!

17 Replies to “K. Gourmet Cafe – An insiders secret to affordable food”

  1. I love this place.. Used to eat here a lot when I used to live in PGP, the NUS Hostel… Love their pizza.. really nice… And its NUS canteen price point lah.. so damn cheap…

    Btw.. did you notice a peculiar smell when they baked your pizza? I remember everytime I ordered pizza, around 3 mins before the pizza came, there would be this wierd smell.. hahahahhahah..

  2. NTT

    Exactly. Where on earth can anyone find a cafe with canteen prices like that? This is an amazing find. I am so lucky! 😀

    Anyway, I didn’t smell anything while they were baking the pizza. Should I smell anything? Is it unpleasant? Hard to smell stuff with the amount of lunch dwelling traffickers there 😛 Hehehehe


    Woohoo! I am going to burn all these books and have a campfire! Wahahaha!


    Neither did I till last afternoon! But now that you know, I think its worth going to 🙂 Where is this Blooie by the way? Maybe we can go there as an outing … wahahahaha!

  3. oh goody, another halal eating establishment to try! 🙂 why is it that these good eating places only pop up after i left NUS? either that, or i didn’t know of their existence then. 🙁

  4. Hisyam

    The school is fine as always. Its getting a little more quiet now that there isn’t any kids around. Are you coming back?


    I really think that it is a place where only the people who are around in the area would know about. Even CC who is from NUS doesn’t know about this place. Amazing right?

    Moreover, its kind of hidden away from the main roads, making this place even more like an insiders place only 🙂


    Wahahaha! Everyone loves food! 😀

  5. most likely i will be coming back to school.. anyway how are you? just now i come back to school to promote the school to PSLE kids.. anyway where is my MONEY arh??.. $1000 =) haha… i’m waiting…haha…

  6. haiz.. nevermind.. haiz… i thought that i decided to eat together i mean breakfast after that i have to rush to catholic junior collage.. to watch band perform.. haiz… anyway if that case nevermind than.. =(.. anyway i really miss you seh and other teacher too.. anyway erm when u free u sms me ok.. hey wait i remember i old you $1.20 for the milo drink.. remember?? u weere reaching and wanted to go for your exam… anyway if we can meet i pay u back.. i almost forgotten haiz.. hahaha.. u must thinking when hisyam wanna to pay back.. am i right??.. hahah take care..bye

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