Gundam seed cosplay meetup

My cousin, Fuzzy, asked me to join her for her cosplay gathering yesterday, and I have to say that it was most interesting.

I met up the other cosplayers at Sky Garden in Suntec City – being there for the first time, I think its a really pretty place for a photoshoot. Especially with the city skyline in the background. I’ll keep this place in mind 🙂

Observing the group, I was quite impressed that they game and brave enough to be dedicated to their craft. Most people would be too embarassed to do this in the public! While walking with Fuzzy, there were a few people who were staring and pointing. The group didnt seem to notice this at all.

For today, the group were doing a Gundam Seed anime cosplay.

And here are some of the characters:

Athrun Zala – As a leader of the pack

Kira Yamoto – An emo guy

Natarle Badgiruel – Earth Alliance

No idea what she’s playing

Meer Campbell – Superstar and spy

I have absolutely no idea what roles they are playing (I’m just guessing the character’s names) as I dont watch that much anime. But it was pretty interesting watching them get into characters, and recreate several scenes from the anime.

It was a really lovely day, with no signs of rain, and we had a pretty good photoshoot session. I really had fun! Nevertheless, I doubt that I’d be dressing up as an anime anytime soon. Its just not me 😛

Or maybe I could just be the character Rinaz Bijoux – the communist hat wielding blogger/photographer and retired undiscovered karaoke queen 😛

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