Its blooming springtime!

Its springtime!

After seeing trees looking rather bald during the winter, its lovely to see them start to bloom again. So very pretty!

Villa Pamphili

Cart and I were at Villa Pamphili to admire the beautiful surroundings here. I don’t think that Villa Pamphili is a touristy destination, compared to the Colosseo and the Pantheon and all but if you have the time, I feel that its a nice place to visit and spend time in anyway.

Initially I wanted to shoot a video for my next video blog, but upon seeing all the pretty growth and greenery, I actually forgotten all about it.

Villa Pamphili

Villa Pamphili started out as a housing area by a dude called Pamfilio Pamfili – a really really rich guy. Today, it is now a park which is free to be enjoyed by everyone.

Walking in Villa Pamphili is very relaxing. And it makes you forget that you are in Rome, with the traffic and the graffiti and everything because all that you can see in front of you, is the nature and greenery.

Villa Pamphili

Its such a lovely day. And the temperature is perfect for me! Not too freezing cold but comfortable enough to spend time out. I could change to my lighter coat and I even saw some people wearing short tees even. Sometimes I worry how I will react when going back to hot hot hot Singapore.

Anyway! I love seeing families having picnics together. And there were a group of juvenile delinquents friends playing football and frisbie. Its just idyllic seeing people just lying around on the grass, basking in the sun. See! Italians do it! Not just Singaporean foreign talents! 😛

Wah! I feel like I’m in Europe!

I even spotted out a couple of people studying and reading underneath a tree. To me, its a little clique-ish but I suppose that more inducing to study that way. Definitely way better than in a fast food restaurant! I don’t know about you, but during exam periods in Singapore, the libraries, fast food restaurants and even the airport would be packed with kids with books and notes. Mostly on account of the places being air conditioned and more comfortable to study.

But in any case, my mind started to wander and realise that there were heaps of wonderful spots here for photoshoots! My cousin, Fuzzy would have a blast doing a cosplay here. Like this spot here.

Villa Pamphili

I’m not fond of Star Wars, but I could totally see Anakin and Padme having a picnic here. Maybe a bridal shoot would be great too? Would it be too late for Cart and me to have another one?

And I stumbled upon this very cool looking tree.

Villa Pamphili

Check it out, a tree which has branches like an open palm. It’ll only be a short while till someone realises this and don a faerie outfit complete with wings and camwhore here.

It wont be me though

8 Replies to “Its blooming springtime!”

  1. i thought that such trees only existed in japan and korea! well, okay, not ONLY japan and korea, but they sure are very popular there. in fact, there are many traditional folk songs in japanese and korean culture that are about these flowers.

    never imagined they could bloom so beautifully in mediterranean italy too. 🙂

  2. Daphne

    It looks like a cherry blossom tree, but I’m pretty sure its not. Probably a type of peach tree(?) since my sister in law has a tree that looks something like that.

    Anyway the different seasons here are very interesting to see for the trees. For me, I like autumn a lot because the leaves change to a nice golden and red colour 😀


    Yeah! I wish you guys were here!!!


    I wish you are here!!!

    To be fair, the botanical garden isnt very big and is limited in the amount of plants that they could display. On the other hand, Villa Pamphili is kind of wild looking, so probably not many tourists might appreciate how it looks like.


    Yes its gorgeous! I wish you were here! Spring is very pretty with the burst of flowers and buds turning up and the temperature is a nice 18 degree celcius so its not so freezing cold but at the same time, you don’t sweat and get gross and stuff like that 😀

  3. This is something that I would miss If I lived in S’pore: the changing of the season, and mostly the sweetness of spring!! Air con isn’t exactly the same;-)

  4. Emanuele

    Yes indeed! Worst part is, loads of managers like to blast the air conditioning to very cold conditions making it unnaturally chilly (also bad for the environment) that you’d really feel the heat as soon as you leave the building.

    To be honest, blasting air conditioning is something that will always be a mystery to me, even as a Singaporean 😛


    Its not really a touristy destination though. Since its more like a park, and a wild one at that, I doubt its a place where time challenged tourists would like to be at. But its a nice place just to chill and relax with friends 🙂

  5. So beautiful!! Especially that green patch where your Anakin and Padme could have had picnic there. Love it!

    Is this in Roma?? Perhaps it’s time to revisit again!

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