Your can be pysically independant … but how about mentally?

Hehehehe πŸ™‚

Ahem .. anyways … look whats on my table right now πŸ™‚

I love my present … thanks geri! I had to figure a while how to take the metal grips apart to insert in the picture but its all good now πŸ™‚

Anyhow’s we went for dinner on tuesday and I was quite excited to see her after not seeing her for about a year or so now. I wondered how much she’s changed so far. We met at about 6 at City Hall Mrt … she’s still as bubbly as ever! Very tanned but wow the aura πŸ™‚

We chatted all the way to the Esplanade and had dinner and I enjoyed the lovely view of the sea. I loved the cool air and the breeze. It felt good to be out enjoying the crisp night air. We saw a rehersal for the ballet performance as we chilled out by the sea.

I wasnt used to just sitting down doing nothing. Usually I’d have something in my hands to keep myself occupied. I must have fidgeted enough to have Geri commented about high strung I was. I dont think I was though, maybe I was just not used to it, thats all.

Our conversation circled on alot of different things. Like how she thinks how complacent Singaporeans are. And I couldnt agree more, in the sense that most of us can be sheep sometimes awaiting for people to herd us. She observed of how the behaviours of Singaporeans from Ozzie … always studying, always afraid of exploring anything that they are not familliar with. I may be generalising, but that is what most of us here … taking things for granted that are in front of us.

I wish I could do that, explore, move on, spread my wings. Its like being that proverbial bird in a cage sometimes with our culture. I really am looking forward to just become 100% independent by my own. Most of the times I argue with my mother about these issues. Personally, i find it a little juvenile to be arguing over such matters. She believes that independance entails to knowing how to take care of the household. Whereas for me, I believe indepenance means that one can do anything that the mind achieves. So the two mindsets clash … I try not to make her angry too much … πŸ˜›

Hopefully, I could start to live overseas for a little bit. Maybe start in Kuala Lumpur for a while and see how it goes. I hear that there is always a need for IT Trainers there. Would be a nice start πŸ™‚ Petronas Towers and Sunway Lagoon and the KLCC are so closeby … with the city nearby, alot of creature comforts would be taken cared of. Am really excited about that prospect.

But on the other hand, I’ve been around people for so long that I dont know what it will be like alone. Its always noisy where I live at and the day when everyone was out, it was so quiet and still … it was eerie … (thank goodness for internet to keep me company :P)

Anyway, Geri and I went to a Chocolate Cafe for dessert afterwards and shared a chocolate fondue and I listend to her excited talk about her backpacking travels and was amazed and proud of her accomplishments … This spunky lady was able to last for weeks roughing it out … I’m not sure if I were able to do that. So she’s got a high level of respect from me.

Well, thats all I’ve to write at the moment … sorry geri, I tried my best … told you it was kinda juvenile πŸ˜› I’ll try again soon πŸ™‚

I donated blood!

I just donated blood yesterday! I cant believe it. I was just on my way to Jurong Point to pay the bills, minding my own business and before I even stepped in the building, there was a girl who came up to be and asked me if I would be interested in donating blood. She was very enthusiastic and bouncy. Told me that she was from Singapore Poly and was doing a blood drive.

So I listened to her for a bit and I thought to myself, what the heck. Why not? I’ve always been curious to know what the proceedings of blood donating anyway. So I followed her to the Oasis room where the set up for the blood donation was.

The first thing I noticed was that there were quite a number of people there. To my front, there was the surveyors and the doctors and to my left there were many benches set up with stands beside them. Quite a number of them filled with people of all sorts of sizes, sitting quietly while the nurses attended to them. Some of them looked nervous, some queasy even.

The girl asked me. “So how? Would you like to donate? You don’t have to do it now though, we feel good just to educate the people”

So I agreed and said a little prayer and filled up the questionnaire, submitted my identity card to one of the surveyors and then proceeded to the doctor after they keyed in my information.

Later on, I went to the blood tester and had my middle fingertip pricked. Sharp stinging pain, but it was bearable. The lady quipped that this was the most painful part while I look in surprise. “You mean, that the blood donation doesn’t hurt like this? I found it hard to believe!” She smiled at me and gave a nodding affirmation while takingΒ the blood sample from my finger and dropped it into a small black machine.

I then proceeded to the last stop and sat on the rubbery seat while many nurses hovered around me. One to put a blanket over me, another to take my pressure, another to teach me about the procedures.

“If you’re scared, look away” One nurse told me so I turned around and saw another guy who was donating and asked him “How’s it going?” He gave me a thumbs up. One nurse rubbed anaesthetic and I breathed in deeply and thought to myself just what on earth did I brought myself into.

The nurse then pricked my right arm, just below the bending part. There, she said, now just squeeze the ball to regulate the flow and reduce the feeling of numbness. That’s it? It didn’t hurt that much after all! I then looked at the blood bag and felt such an amazement that I could actually do something crazy like donating blood on a whim like that. I stared at the crimson red blood and was just overwhelmed by the feeling of amazement.

The girl from before came up to me again and asked me how did I feel? “Very accomplished” I replied and gave her the thumbs up too and I chatted with the friendly nurses there.

And soon after the blood bag was filled. Even the nurses was surprised. They told me that I’ve got very good blood flow and usually it took people 10 minutes (the fastest) to 30 minutes for the slowest. I took about 5 – 7 minutes. (Vampires dream come true)

The nurses bandaged my arm with a cute smiley bandage and I rested in the pantry for a few minutes and then said goodbye to the people there. I got for myself someΒ souvenirs! The nurses gave me, a sticker, pens, diary … I’d rather have the squeeze ball as a souvenir though πŸ˜›

I feel quite tired right now though. Don’t feel strong enough to go for my jogs even. My brother Naz tells me that it should be from the lack of iron. But anyway, I still feel such an accomplishment. It was not bad, I could do this again πŸ™‚

My free pens!

Where my arm was pricked for blood. Not very noticeable right?

Memories of West Spring

Well, morning time here and in a better state of mind to write in my blog. Always here to please my fans. Well my one fan … *laughs her head off*

Anyways, I was checking on my email account and to my dissapointment our school did not get to the preliminary rounds for the e-animation competition. Really feel bad for the girls who put in so much effort for the competition.

They spent alot of time after the school holidays and it was a very valiant self effort. Not to sound bitter, but I can bet you that the work done by the finalists are probably done by a hired professional. Most of the competitions done by schools are. So I guess I’m not too thrilled about the whole scene when I first found out about it.

This is a scene from the e-animation.

Hopefully we could do better for the next year. I really know the kids has potential to win. They just really need to get their butts kicks and stop being so lifeless and procrastinating ..Grrr!

Work … I know that I’ve complained to quite a bit of people about it. Too stressful. Not enough pay. Too much work. No free time. No social life. Rude kids. Demanding bosses. Out of the world colleagues. Thats all true. There isnt a job in this world that doesnt come with its own problems. But I’ve heard of a saying that goes by “every job has its own problems. What makes a job worthwhile, is if you could find a job with problems that you enjoy solving” I try my best to go through that very sound advice.

I’ve always enjoyed teaching for one thing. Its nice to interact with people and them fill them with information and see their faces light up when they understand something and do a task beautifully. It feels like such a proud achievement for me. Teaching is also something of a two way road, where you dont only talk, but you also listen and learn from each other. And I guess in a way, I’ve been slowly being quite attached to my little monkeys *coughs* I mean my students.

I remember when during their examination and I was invigilating. I was sitting there looking at their faces and remember how they looked like when I first saw them. And then I think about how fast time passes by. And then I thought sadly at how they will leave soon and that I wont be teaching them anymore. Thats the thing about teaching and emotions. A person could really get attached whether they want to or no πŸ˜›

West Spring is now moving to a new campus. I cant help but feel a feeling of “end” while packing my things and remembered the different memories from when I first came to the school. And just the same, I know that I’d probably not stay there permanently. But I will definitely miss it should I go. West Spring Secondary would definitely have a place in my heart.

Welcome back Geri :)

Geri’s back in Singapore! Welcome back, lady! I’ve missed you! Anyways, I’m a little brain dead at the moment. But I’ll update this soon … Well, I *did* promise and update but I never said how long …*laughs*

Anyway, this is a picture from the bbq for the moment πŸ™‚

From the back, left to right
sky, thomas, bk, millie, doris, ck, hong boon
middle : hema (in pink) julie hidden by hema, sn, ph, shahim, mohammad
front : william (in purple) toad πŸ˜› and zuraidah πŸ™‚

Oh and me, in black

A few updates

I dont know what happened, tried to update my blog yesterday and then hit publish post and somehow at the same time the server decides not to post it. Okay, I thought fine, just press back and it will be there again. Empty screen. Nope, that didnt worked. Good thing its not that much typing I guess.

Anyways, just a couple of updates that I’d like to post really quickly πŸ™‚

1. Got me a new domain last week. is mine πŸ™‚ Will try to update it with the new layout I am thinking of getting. (picture quality is bad though, ran out of batteries and thats the only shot I have at the moment)

2. Went out with my ex classmates on last sat. It was really nice to meet friends we havent seen for a long time before. Most looked different πŸ™‚ Still the same inside though. Reminisced about our times in school. This part will be updated when I get the pics from Hizam πŸ™‚

3. Our idea of setting up a business might be materialising πŸ™‚ Am looking forward to making our dream come true πŸ™‚ We’ve got 6 months to prepare ourselves.

I’ll update this page again later. Have been on a buzz from watching the screen too long … lol

(runs to get eye drops)

New Webbie :)

Just wanted to post real quick, that I’ve registered for a new site! After months and months of just “thinking about it” I finally just jumped in when I saw that brinkster was having a 50% off their regular personal account. So it was just like 2US dollars a month. My mind just went whoa. And now is mine .. yaay πŸ™‚

I was looking around in google for other things with the word rinaz. I found out that belonged to a church. There is also an artist called rinaz that does painting too. There seems to be alot of males called rinaz.

So anyway, I’m thinking up for a new format for the new site. Although I’ve always been fond of green, I am thinking of scrapping the old format and change the look altogether. Gotta look more professional … or at least try to.

There are alot of things that I want to say, I just have to start beating myself with a stick cause I’m just such a procrastinator!

Julie’s asking me to go phuket next week. I really really would like to. Gotta get in sync before the new year.

Hari Raya Time :)

Been pretty busy with hari raya over at my side, its pretty exhausting having to clean and prepare stuff for the house. This is the part which I dont enjoy about the holidays, and thats all the prep work πŸ˜›

Anyhow, I think I’m going to have a lie down for a while, which is quite a strange change for me, because of the routine that I’ve been doing for the 30 days previously, during this time, I’d be getting ready for the Tarawih (look at my tummy expand in just 2 days which I took 30 days to shrink πŸ˜›

I’ll update the blog later, I suppose … and Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to everyone reading πŸ™‚

Of tides and dryness

Looks like I havent been updating my blog for a while. It wasnt that I was extremely busy. I guess I just havent had the chance to do so. I’ve contemplated on a lot of topics to talk about. Sometimes, admittedly to the extent that in some mundane situations, like while waiting for the bus, I’d have conversations with my head. Yes, I can get schizophrenic at times. But most creative geniuses are like that I suppose.

Anyway, while I’m typing this Blog, I’m also checking my yahoo email and guess what I’m doing? I’m pretty much just clicking on the ad mails that I have in my specifically made “junk mail” where I sign up for paid to click for websites. Basically, what that means is that usually when I open up my yahoo email, there’d be a couple of emails waiting. There’d be a link in each mail and for each link, once clicked, I will get a small amount ranging from 3 cents to 2 dollars.

Unfortunately it takes a whole load of clicking before I can actually draw real moolah out of this because they have a goal you’d have to reach first. I dont know why or how or when I signed up for one in the first place. All I know is, that its kind of therapeutic having a routine like that.

I’ll let you guys know when I reach my million dollars! Heh

Anyways, on the topic of money, its amazing isnt it? Such a small flat thing could bring in so much power. Its brought alot of comforts and pain for some people.

I cannot remember who said this but there was a saying from a famous 50’s or 60’s actress that said something like “I’d rather be rich and sad on a rolls royce than poor and happy on a bicycle”

What’ll you want eh?