Marina’s bloggariffic got hacked

Last weekend while I was busy making my weekly cartoon strip, I had a curious message from my friend Sindy. “What happened to your blog?” She asked urgently. And when I checked it out, I realised that my site was hacked. Got hacked

To see my blog in that state was such a rude shock. Luckily, I managed to reset my password, log in and found that my archives were untouched. However, there were things that I wasn’t savvy enough to fix, like the index page redirect and the curious username change.

The last time that this blog got hacked was back in 2007 but it wasn’t in such a scale like this. So thank goodness for my host being able to help. Within a few hours after I’ve sent the support team an email, they managed to fix the situation and my blog was up and running again. Another reason why I love them so much 🙂

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