Happy Fat Tuesday!

Carnevale is a celebration where you basically have fun and it’s a great excuse to be silly.

rinaz.net Carnevale / Martedi Grasso

During this period in Italy, it is common to see a lot of children in adorable costumes, although adults can join in the fun too.

rinaz.net Carnevale / Martedi Grasso

A week ago while I was jogging at the laghetto, I saw a cheerful little girl dressed up as Mike Wazowski from Monster’s inc. She’s probably not more than 3 years old, and she waved at me, smiling as I ran past her. She was so cute! I wish I had a picture.

These time, you’d always see streets almost completely covered with paper confetti, called coriandoli. These are usually shaped in small, circular coloured paper or long strips. Kids would usually try to throw them on someone.

rinaz.net Carnevale / Martedi Grasso

Apart from costumes, during the carnevale, it’s common to see these pastries being sold :


rinaz.net Castagnola

The original kind is deep fried dough covered in sugar. Although nowadays you could also see other varieties such as the ones filled with chocolate or cream.

rinaz.net Castagnola


rinaz.net Frape

Not to be mistaken for frappe’ which is a milkshake, this flat dough is usually flattened, crinkle cut then deep fried and covered with sugar.

While Carnevale starts after the Befana celebration all the way back in January, it becomes much more apparent during the final week leading up to Martedi Grasso, which is today! Happy Fat Tuesday!

One day I hope to see the Carnevale in Venice as it’s renowned to be the most festive one in Italy.

Carnevale Venezia

So today is the last day when you can be joyful and eat rich food, and are allowed do what you don’t normally do. After that, it will be the start of lent where Catholics are supposed to be solemn and eat simple food for 40 days till Easter.

Speaking of lent, I had a random thought to avoid eating meat for this duration. I’m not Catholic, but since I can fast during Ramadan, this would be an interesting experiment.

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  1. Frappe is called galani in the veneto region. We’ll show u around when u come to Venice during Carnevale.. it is very crowded n lively!

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