She flies on a broom but she’s not a witch

It was the eve of Epiphany so Cart took me to Piazza Navona last night. There were still lots of stalls where you could play carnival games, stalls selling candies, toys and Christmas decorations.

But what catches my eyes more are of these :

This is the Befana. She’s an old woman with a shawl, and goes down the chimney on the eve of Epiphany to fill the socks and deliver presents to good children and coal to the bad. Kind of like Santa Claus. She also flies around on a broom, but Cart is adamant in telling me that she’s not a witch.

I find her quite cute and I always get amused when I see Befana figurines for sale. Her laughter is infectious!

Well, Befana or not, we got for ourselves some chocolate and I’m gonna eat it now … OM NOM NOM NOM! 

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