Fading dreams

I’ve recently joined my previous schools’ alumni groups on facebook. Looking through all the old pictures makes me feel very nostalgic and have such fond memories of the time when I was a kid.


I used to stay in a 5 storey apartment building in Corporation Road. It was a really tight community there. Everyone would be taking care of each other – you’d never have to worry about, where so and so are because someone would bound to know. As kids, we could just join in and play with anyone outside. There were unique games such as trying to complete making a slipper teepee while someone tries to hit it with a tennis ball.

Where I used to live wasn’t a swanky estate (I’ve had a visiting friend who said that it looked like it was out of a horror movie) but I was so very very happy there.

But as time went on, we were asked to abandon it for SERS redevelopment. And one by one, our neighbours moved away and we just lost contact. Things just wasn’t the same when we moved to our new apartment. I didn’t feel the same freedom as I used to have.

Sometimes I still dream walking around in my old estate. Even memories are like a fading dream to me now. Kind of like in Big Fish or Cinema Paradiso.

Digressing, I thought that I’d share a video that i did some days ago about the songs that we sang at the schools that I went to :

Hopefully one day, when technology gets even better, we will all be connected together again in a completely immersive virtual world.

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