10 Food places in Singapore that I’d like to visit

Apart from the things that I’d like to eat while in Singapore (which hasn’t really changed since then) here are the food places that I’d like to visit while we are in Singapore. We’ll be there for only 3 weeks so I’m not sure if we’d be able to visit them all. But lets give it a shot!

In absolutely no order of merit

1. Pasarbella


I know of this place because there were a number of people mentioning this on my twitter feed some time back. To me, the name is strange because Pasar is market in Malay and bella is beautiful in Italian. So it’s sort of like a mixed baby?

Anyway, this is a place where you could get niche food products. Kind of like Eataly in Rome. If I’m not wrong, it opened just this year. I’m not sure what I’ll discover when I get there, but the pictures looks nice.

2. Le Steak by Chef Amri


Daphne, who is a cow lover, wrote about this place in her blog recently. By the way, Le Steak is such a cute name isn’t it? Every time I hear the name, I’d keep visualising the song, “Freak out! Le steak, C’est chic“.

Prior to living in Italy, I wasn’t such a big fan of steak, but after discovering halal butcheries and cooking it for myself, I found out that I really like eating beef fillets and steaks. There is a simple, rustic taste about a good steak and I’m looking forward to try something that a chef makes.

My worry is that being a steakhouse, will there be substantial food for Cartcart, who’s a vegetarian. I only see Aglio Oglio in their menu and maybe garden salad. I don’t trust so much for mushroom soups being vegetarian, as I’m 90% sure that there is chicken stock in there.

3. Real Food


If I’m not wrong, it was Walter who mentioned this in his Instagram feed. He was showing the lovely desserts that he was having and I thought that the place looked interesting. This place serves organic and vegan food so I think that this could be a good place for a meet, regardless of what anyone’s food preference is.

Looking through the menu, the quinoa burger sounds interesting. I’d try that.

4. Original Sin Vegetarian Restaurant


I don’t remember who mentioned this, so I don’t know how it managed to get in my list. Regardless, this restaurant is another vegetarian one, but more posh and up-scale. But the thing about being posh is that, the prices are bound to be on the more expensive side.

Indeed 26 SGD for a vegetarian tandoori seems rather extravagant … but no harm trying once.

5. Gelato di Posto Storico


I remember Sarah mentioning this in her blog. In a hot climate such as Singapore, it’s nice to cool down with an iced dessert. And everyone loves ice cream! I also love that this place is located in Arab Street. One of my favourite places in Singapore.

We could go to Hajah Maimunah for lunch first and then head for some gelato and then after that, we can go exploring in this super charming area. If you haven’t been to this area, you should! It’s a lovely place that is reminiscent of a 1950s side of Singapore 🙂

6. Skyve Elementary Bistro and bar


A famous blogger wrote about this place a long while back and when I read it, I’m stunned and shocked. It was so unreal to me as it used to be the institution that I used to go for night classes and I had nice memories there. In fact, I blogged about it a long while back and now it’s a restaurant.

I don’t know if the food is good there. You know, how blog advertorials tend to only say positive things. Moreover, the place has a lot of meat types that I won’t eat but I’d like to go there just for the sake of nostalgic purposes and see how much things have changed there.

7. Fika Swedish Cafe


It’s hard for me to not think of the Swedish Chef from the Muppets show whenever thinking of Swedish Food. The irony is that Italy (where I am living) and Sweden is so much more closer than Sweden is to Singapore!

To be honest, I’m not sure how authentic the Swedish food here is, but it’ll be interesting to give it a try. Maybe the meatballs since I don’t eat the ones at Ikea.

8. Charcos


To be completely honest, number eight is actually for a Halal Japanese restaurant I stumbled on a blog. According to the author, the food here was close to what he ate while in Japan. Sadly, I don’t see it in my bookmark anymore.

So I guess I am substituting it with another steak place! It’s supposed to be good.

9. 18 Chefs


I’ve always wanted to eat here but I never seem to ever have a chance to visit. I hope that when we reach in August, we’ll finally eat there.

What attracts me to this restaurant is that the place has a crew with troubled youths and convicted criminals so that they could reintegrate into society through positive work experience and I like the philosophy of giving people who want to change, a second chance.

The head chef is the one in the middle there by the way, I’ll buy you a coffee if you could recognize the dude on the left 🙂

10. Chye Seng Huat Hardware


Friends tell me that this place looks like where you could get tools like hammers and saws. Moreover, the name is so old-school, with the Mandarin characters on top. But it’s actually a coffee shop! It’ll be interesting to see it in person and of course spending time with friends chit chatting here 🙂

On top of all these, I’d like to eat my beloved Ayam Penyet of course. And Cart is looking forward to going to Komalas at Little India. Not forgetting all the visits to my thousands of relatives in Singapore. Oh boy, I think there will be a big chance that I’ll put on weight again while in Singapore :p

Sidenote : Gordon Ramsay is in Singapore at this time of writing, challenging Singaporean Hawkers. I wonder who’d win the round.

19 Replies to “10 Food places in Singapore that I’d like to visit”

    1. Oooh thank you for the recommendation. At first when I saw the link you gave me, I saw Chennai and in my mind, I thought, is NTT kidding me? We’re not going to India. But it would be so nice to, though 🙂

  1. You must be referring to Restaurant Chako for no.8. Sadly, it’s no longer in operation. 🙁 The food was good! – Liz (myztika)

    1. Long time no hear Liz! I hope you’re doing well 🙂

      And about Chako, shucks! What a shame! I was really looking forward to eating there. I was even thinking of a list of things I could eat there. Like Unagi don and ramen and udon and … and … and …

      I wonder why they closed down though. I doubt that they didn’t do well because people always support good food.

  2. This is quite an old establishment. Used to be called Yogi Hub at little india. Rebranded and shifted to milennium walk.

    This restaurant is setup to cater to people who are required to live on strict diet due to illness etc but yet still yearns for tasty food.

    Many companies book the whole restaurant for corporate events, especially those with special meaning, such as promote healthy eating or some health related awareness thingy blah blah blah.

    Personally I was brought there by a friend who is a cancer patient. Tried the gado gado, cabonara, avocado salad(with mango and pomelo nuts etc) and some chicken herbal mee suah soup…all tasted outstandingly delicious and very refreshing.

    Hope you enjoy as much as I do.

    1. Is it a vegetarian restaurant, Ah Pui? I did a quick search and it seems like it is. If so, I think Cart would be so happy to finally try something that Singaporeans love to eat, but vegetarian version of it 🙂

      I’m glad that your friend enjoyed the place (I hope that he is recovering well, by the way) and I hope that we manage to find it and try the food there. And once again, thank you so much for the suggestions! They are wonderful!

    1. It’s great to go there with a group of people too. That way you could share and try a lot of food together and not pay too much money. Hehehe 🙂

  3. Hi Rina!
    1) To enjoy steak, just go to Botak’s Favourite (http://www.greatbigfood.com/botaksfavorites/). But of course you have to make do with the typical heartlander’s kopitiam setting. Food’s good but ambience not so.

    2) Avoid Le Steak during peak hours, as their service sucks & waiting time is horrendous. You will be guaranteed good steak and service during off-peak (late afternoon aka right after they open at 3 pm). Chef Amri will be around most of the time. (Quite a handsome dude lol)

    3) Charco’s is super-duper good! Love their array of salad (5-7) & big portions of food! Service is super fast too (peak or non-peak)!

    4) Our favourite tosai hangout will always be at Buffalo Rd. (http://www.hungrygowhere.com/singapore/sri_kamala_vilas_restaurant/) Super crunchy paper tosai, heavenly poori, intoxicating masala tosai (Ok, I’m drama here, but we swear by its tasty tosais and all its condiments. Recently, it’s undergone refurbishment so, all the more better!

    5) If you love rojak, you should try Abdussalam Rojak (http://www.soshiok.com/critic/article/23377) or Habib Rojak (http://www.soshiok.com/critic/article/24335). The best thing is they are at the same place!

    Ok, enjoy your food adventure! Hehe!

    1. Oh my goodness, Juliana! thank you so much for all of your tips! They are awesome. I really appreciate them! Like avoiding Le Steak during peak hours. Goodness, I want to try every one of them. Hahahaha 🙂

  4. teehee… what is life without good food, right? anyhow, may you & Cart go through the fasting month with lots of strength & patience. It sure is difficult as its much longer than in S’pore! When my friend was based in Paris last year, she spent the whole of Ramadhan in S’pore for obvious reasons! have fun, ya? *wink wink*

  5. Nice information shared Rinaz. Would also like to know what are the best places to hunt for finger licking street food in Singapore. Experience of munching on a street side is always the best thing while traveling to a new place.

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