A year after losing 10kgs

Hi everyone!

It has been about a year since I’ve published losing more than 10kgs. Since then, I’ve managed to keep my weight more or less quite stable since then mostly thanks to my half marathon training earlier this year.


It’s just that after the event, I started to neglect my exercises (it was exhausting after all) but still ate the same way like I was still training. Before I knew it, I started to feel this constant, uncomfortable bloating (which is also a side effect of the folic acid pills that I’m taking) and looking at the scales, I was horrified. It wasn’t such a dramatic increase, but yikes! Not good!


I really don’t want to go back as how I was before. And the easiest way to lose fats is to watch what you eat. So I downloaded myfitnesspal on my phone to track the things that I’ve been eating all these while and investigate what I’ve been doing wrong. I don’t believe in dieting, or denying yourself from what you love to eat but I do believe in eating in moderation.


(A lot of pizza huh?)

It was quite enlightening to find out that one slice of pizza is about 300 calories and on a normal day, I’d usually have 4 slices … Hmm … I see why I’ve been putting on weight 😛


Of course, I don’t think that this app is 100% accurate, but it does give you a visual idea of what you’re consuming. So this week I’ve been watching my food intake and have been trying to eat lesser processed food as possible (it’s easier when you’re a housewife and you can control what you eat) and I’m glad to see that I’m back to my regular weight in a surprisingly short time.


(Biologico means organic in Italian. I don’t really care about organic food, but this one was the house brand, and thus cheaper :P)

But it’s hard though, when you’re eating out and people keep piling on food for you to eat – the things that you don’t want to consume in the first place and get all huffy and insisting when you try to refuse. Weighing myself the next day is always in trepidation. I don’t like when my weight goes all yo-yo. Sometimes I feel like they are sabotaging my progress but I know that people means well. I just need to remember to keep calm and not react emotionally as I tend to do.


(I got this time ago, but I don’t use the recipes but I like to see the pictures … ehm! Speaking of which, is it even possible for people to watch their diet while in a Sicilian household?)

Apart from food intake, exercising and being active is also very important. I enjoy running and how good my body feels after that. As it is Summer and is getting uncomfortably warm even at 9am, so for the past few weeks I’ve been waking up at about 6am and been doing short runs almost every day. It’s very bright outside by this time as the sun rises at about 5.30. But there will hardly be any traffic and hardly anyone roaming around and thus it’s much more comfortable for me going about in the cooler temperature.


I like this routine. I’d reach home sweaty and that’s the best time to get a shower. Cold water+warm sticky body = shiokness! And after that, I can start the day proper. I’d like to continue this routine till Ramadan (less than two weeks to go!) and then pick it up again after the fasting month because I’ve decided to run for the 15km event in Singapore. I hope that I can make it! Haha! Jules said that she’d join me, so that’s such a pleasant surprise 🙂

(I also hope that the haze situation will stabilize too. Our poor Malaysian neighbours had to declare a state of emergency when the PSI level went up to 700!)

Anyway, that’s about it. Nothing much to update as I’m more or less the same as I am last year 😛

Sidenote : Daphne and I look very different now compared to the picture of us in this post and I’m very proud of her! Cart says the old us could be our cases. Haha!

Speaking of which, it’s Cart’s birthday today! Happy birthday my beloved 🙂

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    1. Yay! Looking forward to that! Speaking of which, does Nick do family photoes? I was thinking of doing one for mine 🙂

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