My Winter elixirs

As we move towards the middle of Autumn, the colder temperature tends to make my skin dryer than usual. Here are a couple of potions that I keep in the bathroom cabinet to ease me through the colder weather

1. Provenzali Olio di Mandorle

Also known as sweet almond oil, this was something that I got on a whim. It was on an offer for about 5 euro, but turned out to be a holy grail for me. It does so much good for me, much more than regular body creams.

As I have sensitive skin, I’m amazed at how fast it helps to heal the scratch marks on my skin and when rubbed into my nails, it tends to make them grow much faster. The good thing is that it doesn’t make me feel sticky, and true to it’s claim, even after 24 hours, my skin doesn’t get that white mark when you do a scratch test.

Each bottle takes about 3-4 months to use (and I use it very liberally) and I’m just about to start using my second bottle now (the magnolia scented one). They both smell so gorgeous!

2. Ambrosia Multi Tasking Serum by Lucy Minerals

This is not the best pictorial as you can see, as the words have faded off and there’s just a teeny bit left, which is just enough for one last use. You could search for a better picture online.

Anyway, this was very helpful to me during the winter. But at 28 USD (minus shipping) it wasn’t cheap. So to make it last longer and also for an additional moisturization benefits, I liked mixing this with my body lotion. Or I put it neat on my nails and at the tips of my hair for additional conditioning.

3. Leocrema Mani e Unghie con Cheratina e Vitamina E

At first I thought of this as a pirate for the memorable Nivea brand.

Nevertheless, during the coldest winter, my nails tend to crack and chip a lot. So in dire straits, I got this tube for myself. It was practically the only drug store hand cream that contains keratin and the fact that it was relatively cheap, costing less than 3 euro each was what sealed the deal.

I have to say that it helps a great deal! Using this on a regular basis, I don’t get that horrible tip chip and my hands don’t look like it had freezer burns.

4. Olioseta Cristalli Liquidi

This hair oil was part of something that Jess gave me in her loot. I’ve been using this for some months now, and I like it very much.

I pump about 4 times into my palm and spread it all over my hair. It has a fresh, luxurious scent that I love and seems to calm my hair down, making it a lot more softer and more manageable.

Anyway, these are a few of the things that I use during the colder weather. Have you heard of these items before? And are there any holy grails that you like use during these months? Let me know πŸ™‚

4 Replies to “My Winter elixirs”

  1. I’ve heard about almond oil working well on dry skin especially during winter, now from your own testimonial…I think I will get one myself instead of using my common Dove silky body cream. I use the same brand for the hand and nails but I still get dry skin at the fingertips. Just a question, you just apply it onto yr skin and let it air dry?

    1. I use them twice a day actually, once after showering in the morning and then another time before going to bed. But if your hands are still dry, I’d suggest that you try something with stronger moisturization benefits like the Leocrema hand cream πŸ™‚

    1. Wow, such a wide range compared to when I used to use them a long long time ago! I think that the original body lotion is such a classic. I remember seeing them when I was a very small girl πŸ™‚

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