Subconscious gestures

Some while back, I noticed that I was subconciously doing an Italian gesture. This one in particular :

Basically it means, “What the heck do you want?” and give emphasis to sentences. It looks quite thuggish though and should be done moderately.

In any case, one of the things that I’ve noticed that a lot of Italians do is to make an inverse U with their mouths. Like a frown, except very exaggerated. Kind of like how beaker’s mouth is naturally

To shape your mouth this way is an easy way to convey that the person is deep in thought. Like, “Hmm … *frowns* Let me think” But it looks so unattractive! It makes a person look like a cow or something! And I vowed that I’d never do the same with my mouth.

Unfortunately, I guess after living here in Italy for close to two years, the inevitable has happened and subconciously, without realising it, I’m doing that super frowny face too

So I guess I’ll just might as well demo it here, the Italian gesture of “Let me think

This also works for …

And it also works for …

And it also works for …

And now that you know them, you can use them too I guess. And we can all look like cows. Class dismissed.

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