Subconscious hand gestures

Being in a majority of Italians, you cant help but to be influenced by some of their quirks and mannerisms. One of the most fascinating habits that Italians have, are their hand gestures.

Anyway, Cart and I happened to be in a nice Thai restaurant the other evening. Every one of the crew were Thai and speaking in Thai but I saw Italian hand gestures. It was very fascinating to see.

It was later that I noticed that I am beginning to do this gesture subconsciously :

Silly rinaz

This is a gesture to emphasize sentences like “What the heck do you want?” “What the heck is this supposed to mean?”

But oh dear, it looks so thuggish … that even Ridz wants me to be his adviser to his mafia

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  1. nah, you are too nice to be part of the mafia…
    unless you are involved only as the wife or the ‘other women’ šŸ˜›

    now that you mentioned, i realized i’ve been doing the (doh) gesture or action in real life when out with colleagues. heh.

  2. As Russel Peters would say when he enters an indian restaurant in Italy,

    “HEY! What the fuck?! (hand motion)”

    restaurant owner says “BAFFEI is at the back, and you watch your language, or somebody’s gonna get hurt real baddddd”


  3. LOL…..your online demo is hilarious!! Yes, I totally understand, it’s hard not to be influenced, isn’t it? In fact, I won’t be surprised if you are spouting profanities like “Minchia!” or “Cazzo!”….hahaha….

  4. Rina, yr demo is so funny and HEY HEY ZANIE. dove sei? A napoli.
    Your explaination is so on track. The truth , that hand gesture means. Che cazzo vuoi???

  5. Xinyun

    Haha, actually that doh gesture is kind of well used in Singapore and in Malaysia – at least to what I have noticed growing up šŸ˜›

    Anyway, you doing the doh gesture? Thats something that I have to see in real life šŸ˜›


    Alamak! I dont get the joke … What is a baffei?

    Oh you meant BUFFET!?



    Yes! Lets meet up! When are you coming down to Singapore? Where shall we meet? Geek Terminal again?


    I think I’ll keep on the low down on using explecitives for now but Cazzo I know, but Minchia is something that I’ve never heard of before. I should call Cart that later šŸ˜›



    Why were you doing the gesture? Did you want to eat something? Hehehehe

  6. M.C

    Yeah, but can you imagine being in a Thai restaurant with Thai people speaking in Thai but doing Italian gestures. It was so fascinating to see.


    You mean a blog post about Italian explecitives .. hahaha … Interesting topic … maybe I can do it lah šŸ˜‰

  7. Hello m.c., ma no, I’m not from Napoli. Am a pure breed Singaporean. Just that I’ve lived amongst Italians.

    Marina, maybe you can add some sound effect to the hand gestures with “Che cazzo vuoi” now hahahaha šŸ˜‰

  8. HAHAHA Rinaz that gif is too funny! It’s fascinating, different gestures around the world mean so many different things…I think in Singapore or Malaysia, that hand gesture would probably mean “EH TAMBAH SATU TELUR!!” ;P

  9. My intercultural communication studies professor is italian, and we’d have discussions on hand gestures unique to a language… italians, indians and chinese come out tops just so you know!

  10. Ilyana

    Uh? Really? I’ve never seen anyone using that gesture for egg though. Alamak, I better open my eyes big big next time šŸ˜€


    For some reason, Cart can understand Indian accented English better than English English. Which I find very interesting. Also some Indians can pass as an Italian too! And they are both very expressive in their gesture. Hahaha!

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