This sale doesnt feel like a sale

Its the sale season!

Here in Italy, there are two big sales mainly in January and the other in July. And since last Saturday, I’ve noticed loads of shops, mainly those selling clothes, shoes, bags and accessories being on sale, with big 50 percent off banners all over. Of course, that made me feel very excited!

With many of my summer clothes still in Singapore, this was a good excuse to buy moar pretty stuff, after all 😀

Hence, I went to one of my favourite clothes shoppe, Mango and scoured around for some wearable stuff and I saw a couple of outfits that I love. Like these : sale

I love the white cotton print dress. Its so comfortable and yet it makes me feel so pretty and girly. Pair it with a pair of heels and oooh laa laa, instant glam. I don’t think you could see it from the picture, but it has lovely lace details around it. sale

The green outfit is very wearable too. Its very comfortable as its made of a cotton blend. And because its stretchy, I don’t feel lumpy in this. It might look simple, but with the right accessories, its easy to look glamorous with this one too.

Unfortunately, in my opinion, the price doesn’t seem very sale-y. Even with the discount, it costs about 60 euro in total. Freaking heck. I’m just a housewife with no income. So this sale, doesn’t feel like a sale to me. But I do like my outfits anyway. sale

Anyway, I’m adding this picture of the dress I got from last year’s sale with me and Sweska. This was supposed to be an ala Marilyn Monroe shot. But it looks more like Sweska is doing something naughty instead 😛 sale

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