They just left …

Cart and I have been hosting the lovely Sweska and hensem Ntt and showing them around Rome since last Thursday. And just a few moments ago, we waved our goodbyes as they left for Venezia.

I could probably blog about the awesome food that we ate, like the orgasmic tiramisu that we had in Genzano. sweska ntt

Or blog about the interesting places and monuments that we’ve seen while in and outside of Rome like when we were on the open bus. sweska ntt

Or I could be cheeky and make a post about how the three of us had fun in bed with Cart taking footage of the whole act sweska ntt

Or how hopelessly addicted ALL of us were to the internet sweska ntt

But because I am still very sore and upset that no one cared to leave a comment on my spectacularly awesome video blog post about Bevagna, that I used brain cells, hours and creativity to edit.

So hard to give comment is it? Will die one is it? Humph!

So I protest. I wont blog about our expeditions. At all!

(pauses and thinks)

Uh … eh?

11 Replies to “They just left …”

  1. alahh don’t sulk babe. šŸ™‚ i will view and leave comments soon. now at work, cannot watch bideo. hehe.

    btw, ntt got new blog leh. šŸ˜›

  2. We watched about half of the video and then my prepaid internet ran out. I have it bookmarked for us to sit down and finish later. ^_^ So far it’s pretty cool!

  3. Yay!! Thanks Ms. Marina for hosting us! It was really really fun to hang out with fellow geeks and foodies in Rome!!

    And yes, I am slowly migrating to the new blog. šŸ™‚

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